Nearly 501,000 Hoverboards Recalled Over Safety, Fire Hazards

Nearly 501,000 Hoverboards Recalled Over Safety, Fire Hazards

Nearly five months ago, major retailer pulled “hoverboard” scooters from shelves after the Consumer Product Safety Commission said the not-actually-hovering devices were unsafe unless they met certain standards. Now the federal safety agency is announcing an official recall of around 501,000 hoverboards. [More]

Buttload Of New Black Friday Ads Up

The mob shopping savings just keep rolling in. Hooray. We may show up at one of these sales, just to document the depravity. — BEN POPKEN

Amazon.Com Wins Best Customer Service

Online megastore won top honors in a national customer service survey released last Thursday. Here’s the top ten list, according to a National Retail Federation/American Express study.