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Alaska Still Has Blockbuster Stores And They’re Apparently “Quite Busy”

Although there were once about 9,000 Blockbuster Video stores scattered around the country, there are now only 10 or so remaining. Of those, seven are located in Alaska. And apparently, the video rental business up there in the cold, wintry north isn’t so bad. [More]

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Yes, There Are Still Blockbuster Video Stores, Just Fewer Of Them After This Weekend

The elder ones among us may remember a time when you had to leave the house to see a movie, even if you were going to rent it at Blockbuster Video and watch it on your tiny 48″ TV. While the merciless VHS blight of 2013 killed off most of the remaining Blockbuster stores, a hearty handful remained, wandering the strip malls of America in search of sustenance. That’s why we’re sad to report that the Netflix diaspora now has four fewer among its ranks. [More]

Universe Conspires To Make ‘This Is The End’ The Last Movie Rented From Blockbuster

Universe Conspires To Make ‘This Is The End’ The Last Movie Rented From Blockbuster

There are some events in life that coincide so perfectly, you’ve gotta wonder if the universe is just messing with us all and conspiring to make things happen just so. To wit: The very last movie rented from Blockbuster before Dish Network shuts all its stores down? This Is The End. [More]

Which State Stands To Lose The Most Blockbuster Stores?

Which State Stands To Lose The Most Blockbuster Stores?

While many people might have scratched their heads and thought, “Huh. I didn’t know there were any Blockbuster stores left to close” after yesterday’s announcement that Dish would be shuttering the chain’s remaining locations, there are 303 Blockbusters that will cease to exist in January. We’re sorry to inform you, Texas, but you’re going to feel the loss more than any other state. [More]


Blockbuster Officially Killing Off Remaining Stores And DVDs By Mail

Children of the future will most definitely need a lesson on what a video store used to be, perhaps in How People Used To Do Stuff Before The Internet 101, especially now that Dish Network has announced it’s killing off its remaining Blockbuster stores and shuttering the DVD by mail service. [More]

Here’s A Handy Video To Explain What A Video Store Is To Your Child

Here’s A Handy Video To Explain What A Video Store Is To Your Child

I am not an overly emotional person, and I love my binge-watching sessions of streaming video wherein I try to catch up to Breaking Bad before the finale so everyone doesn’t ruin it for me (successful, by the way), but something about watching this video explaining video stores to today’s youth, well… It got to me. [More]


L.A. Blockbuster Wants Everyone To Know It Won’t Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Times used to be, you wanted to have a scary movie night with your pals, you hop in the car and head to Blockbuster for a VHS and a bunch of Twizzlers. Those times are long gone, but this Los Angeles Blockbuster isn’t about to fade from the scene without a fight. Oh, no. It’s going down in a blaze of glory.

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Dish Network Says It’s Closing 300 Blockbuster Stores In The U.S.

If your local Blockbuster has stuck around through the company’s recent years of troubles and store closings, cross your fingers that it’ll stay lucky. The company announced it will be shuttering 300 stores in the U.S. soon, cutting the total number of locations in the country down to a measly 500.  [More]


Looks Like Blockbuster Won’t Get Its Bloody Revenge On Netflix After All

When Dish Network swooped in to save Blockbuster Video from death’s chilly grasp, some people thought it was a boneheaded move by a company that was already trying to keep up with bigger competitors. But Dish seemed confident that it could leverage Blockbuster’s name recognition and its video streaming service into something that would crush Netflix into something really small and crushed. But now the Dish founder and chairman is all but admitting that maybe the Blockbuster deal was not perhaps such a wonderful idea. [More]