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BlackBerry To Offer Free BBM Service To Customers Who’ve Already Fled To iOS, Android

Back when I got my first work BlackBerry, I was all, “Hey, cool — I can email on this thing and message people. Great.” And that’s basically where BlackBerry has been stuck over the last few years, as iPhones and Android phones have erupted in popularity and gained devoted followings. Now, the company figures if you don’t want to actually own a BlackBerry, maybe you’d still want to use its BBM free messaging service. [More]

BlackBerry Messenger Coming To iPhones, Androids

BlackBerry Messenger Coming To iPhones, Androids

It’s been a rough few years for BlackBerry diehards, who have seen their smartphone Eden gobbled away by iPhones and Android devices. BlackBerry users could always cling to one point of pride, though — the phones’ lauded and exclusive messaging system. [More]