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"Big Bob" Nardelli To Step Down As Chrysler CEO

"Big Bob" Nardelli To Step Down As Chrysler CEO

Borden Chemical and Duracell Chairman C. Robert Kidder will take over as chairman of Chrysler when it emerges from Chapter 11 bankrupty, says the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Kidder will be taking over for former Home Depot CEO and well-known golden parachute enthusiast Robert “Big Bob” Nardelli.

Home Depot’s “Embattled” CEO “Big Bob” Resigns

Home Depot’s “Embattled” CEO “Big Bob” Resigns

This goes a long way toward explaining the mountains of angry emails about Home Depot we receive each week . Under Mr. Nardelli the company spent spent $7 billion beefing up Home Depot Supply, the unit that caters to the building trade. This strategy did not improve the company’s stagnant stock price. The news of Nardelli’s departure had stocks up sharply during early trading. —MEGHANN MARCO