Tom Simpson

Mondelez Abandons Bid To Create Snack-Candy Behemoth With Hershey Purchase

The residents of Hershey, PA, can breathe a sigh a relief today, as Mondelez — the owner of Nabisco and Cadbury — announced it would ditch its months-long bid to purchase the Hershey’s brand following several rebuffed offers by the chocolate giant. [More]

FCC Isn’t Considering Pay-For-Access Deals In New Net Neutrality Rules

Back in February, after a federal court gutted net neutrality but before Netflix agreed to pay a premium to Comcast to alleviate its data bottleneck, we predicted that any new neutrality rules would not do anything to prevent the slowdowns that users of Xfinity, FiOS and U-Verse had complained about. If you were more optimistic and holding out hope that the FCC would at least consider this issue, prepare to be disappointed. [More]

Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, former CEO of AIG.

More than five years after AIG received nearly $200 billion from taxpayers to prevent the insurance giant’s inevitable collapse, and a year after the company finished repaying that money, its former CEO is still attempting to sue the U.S. government and Federal Reserve over this very bailout, saying it violated shareholders’ Constitutional rights and that the Fed violated Delaware state law. Today, a federal appeals court dealt a serious blow to his case. [More]

My UPS Driver Feels My Xbox Red Ring Of Death Pain

My UPS Driver Feels My Xbox Red Ring Of Death Pain

Oscar says a UPS driver scrawled the pictured note with on the box containing his refurbished Xbox 360. As a middleman between irritated gamers and Microsoft’s repair/refurbishing machine, the driver no doubt has much experience in swapping out dead consoles for refurbished units. And as the note reveals, he has his share of hands-on heartbreak with the notorious Red Ring of Death.