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Makers Of Peeps, Lemonheads, Jelly Belly, Others Promise Not To Advertise To Kids

For years many companies have abided by self-regulation programs that outline how they can and should market their products to children. Today, six candy companies took a step to ensure they also responsibly advertise to often-impressionable — and sweet-toothed — kiddos by creating a new self-regulatory initiative.  [More]

Does Anyone At Dell Handle Busted Hard Drives?

Nobody at Dell can help Kevin return two broken hard drives. Kevin’s Seagate 320GB FreeAgent drive refuses to power on, and his 160GB Western Digital won’t boot. Kevin sent Dell a note after wrangling with eleven CSRs over five hours:

I called tonight due to 2 harddrives I purchased 26 days ago. Both drives have completely failed. One is knocking and the other won’t power on at all. I called Dell and have been transferred to 11 people and 3 different calls:

Don't Get Benchpressed By A Gym Contract Scam, A Cautionary Tale

Don't Get Benchpressed By A Gym Contract Scam, A Cautionary Tale

So you go through the process of selecting a gym, asking yourself whether you want one close to your house or to work, choosing between opulent technoplaygrounds and piles of torture devices in an old VFW lodge, and most importantly, determining whether your goal is to actually get fit, or get laid.