Harvesting Cranberries For Your Thanksgiving Sauce Is “Kind Of A Fun Job”

Perhaps you think cranberry sauce is somehow grown in a can and plops out just when you need it for Thanksgiving dinner. Or maybe some kind of berry fairy goes along picking cranberries from a bush and leaves them on the doorstep when it’s time to make the sauce. Only one of those things are true. Okay, neither is. Cranberries have a backstory and it doesn’t start in a can or on a bush.


(Paxton Holley)

7-Up Will Stop Adding Vitamin E, Touting Antioxidant Benefits Of Sodas

Anyone banking on getting all those fresh vitamins and antioxidants from a daily dose of 7-Up will have to look elsewhere, like in actual fruits instead of the pictures of them on cans. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group has agreed to stop adding vitamin E and not make claims that the drinks have antioxidants. [More]