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Report: Neiman Marcus Hires Investment Firm To Explore Debt Restructuring

Nearly a year after rumors began swirling that Neiman Marcus was in the market for a buyer in order to get out from a $5 billion debt load, the luxury department store has reportedly hired an investment bank to boost its bottom line. [More]

Mark Your Calendars: Massive Cosmetics Giveaway Set For Inauguration Day

Americans face a tough choice Tuesday morning: watch Barack Obama’s historic inauguration, or storm department stores to take advantage of a first-come, first-serve cosmetics giveaway worth $175 million.

Perfume Pushers Mimic Barneys Employees, Actually Work For The Manufacturer

Perfume Pushers Mimic Barneys Employees, Actually Work For The Manufacturer

Have you ever walked through a department store and been assaulted by fragrance pushers, poofing their scents into your face and asking you to try their fine line of products? It may surprise you to learn that not all of the perfume poofers work for the store, some actually work directly for the manufacturer. Their job is to appear to be be a normal store employee, while steering you towards the scents sold by their real employer.