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Sorry, Being Dead Isn’t A Good Enough Excuse For A Refund From Allegiant Air

A man in Washington state who had planned to spend his birthday this year at Disneyland instead got to spend it planning a funeral. What a crappy exchange. He had to cancel a planned trip to Disneyland because his wife suddenly became ill and died around Christmas. Allegiant Air should have no problem refunding round-trip tickets when one of the passengers died before the flight, right? Nope.  [More]


To Waive Flight Change Fee, Delta Wants To Talk To My Dying Aunt’s Doctor

Stacy doesn’t have a lot of money to throw around, but she booked a flight to visit her terminally ill aunt on the other side of the country. Then she got the flu. Spreading the disease to her fellow passengers would be bad enough, but a cancer patient certainly doesn’t need the influenza virus. Stacy rescheduled to a time when she would be less of a walking germ factory, and asked Delta whether they could waive her change fee. Sure, they said: as long as she gave them contact information for her aunt’s doctor. [More]

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Babies ‘R’ Us Issues Stroller Refund After Grieving Father Forgets Receipt

Gabe and his wife didn’t need a $300 stroller anymore. Their daughter died just says before she was supposed to be born, and looking at the huge, unopened, never-to-be-opened box in the living room just intensified his grief. It had to go. Unfortunately, when he packed it up to bring back to Babies R Us before his wife got home from the hospital, he forgot his receipt for that purchase. He couldn’t bring himself to say the words, “my baby died, and I don’t need a gift card to a baby store.” Don’t pile on and blame him, though: someone at Toys ‘R’ Us consulted their soul instead of the policy book and this story has a happy ending. [More]

American Airlines Grounds Haiti Rescue Team's Medical Supplies

American Airlines Grounds Haiti Rescue Team's Medical Supplies

American Airlines has imposed a baggage embargo on flights to Haiti and the Dominican Republic in order to prevent holdups and make sure everyone’s baggage gets to ride along. Permitted: surfboards and golf clubs. Not permitted: a San Diego volunteer group’s giant bag of medical supplies. Update: some creative packing on the volunteers’ part got things straightened out, and the supplies are en route. [More]

Walmart Won't Let Family Print Photos Of Dead Relative For Funeral

Walmart Won't Let Family Print Photos Of Dead Relative For Funeral

After the death of a relative, Mike put together a photo tribute for the funeral, in order to “remember the good times,” he says. Only a Walmart cashier put a stop to his purchase. Here’s what happened. Do you think Walmart was in the right?