AJ’s Fine Foods Parent To Pay $1.4M After Charging Customers More For Mislabeled Meat

How do you know you’re not being overcharged at the store? Usually, you don’t — it’s a matter of trust between the retailer and the customer that the listed price is for the food you’re buying. Oh and also, there are plenty of legal regulations regarding correct labeling. That’s why you can’t sell “choice” meat as “prime” and charge more for it. Because of a bit of meat mislabeling, the parent company of AJ’s Fine Foods will be handing over $1.4 million in restitution. [More]

Authorities say that the Basha's payment system was hacked.

Grocery Store Chain Tied To 400+ Credit Card Fraud Reports Since Jan. 18

Customers of Arizona-based grocery store chain Basha’s should be checking their debit and credit card accounts. Authorities say that, just since Jan. 18, there have been more than 400 reported cases of fraudulent charges being made to accounts of people who had shopped at Basha’s. [More]