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British Bar Chain Bans Swearing & Patrons Are Totally Ticked Off

If you can’t tell your friend about that one time you were so sh*tcanned you f***d up your f*****g phone when you dropped it in dog sh*t while having a few drinks at the bar, is it really an authentic bar experience? Some pub patrons in England — where bar owners are trying to appeal to families — don’t think so. In fact, they’re pretty f*****g pissed off about new bans on swearing in bars. [More]

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Feds Accuse Bar Of Charging Cover Fees To Non-White Customers

Federal law prohibits restaurants and bars from discriminating against customers on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin, but prosecutors say a popular Houston bar actively discouraged non-white customers by, among other practices, demanding cover charges that were not required of white customers. [More]


Booze-Serving Utah Theater Can’t Open Until Bar Is Hidden

While it’s perfectly legal to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in Utah, the state has certain restrictions that any business has to comply with before it can serve boozy drinks. That’s why a new arts center planned for Salt Lake City has to make some changes before it can open up to the public. [More]


California Bar Uses Dynamic Pricing To Sell Shots Of Tequila

While you might associate dynamic pricing — a method that changes the price of an item depending on how much demand there is for it — with airlines, ride-hailing apps, and amusement parks, there’s nothing keeping other industries from giving it a go. Like a California bar that changes the price of tequila shots depending on how popular brands are at the moment. [More]

Bar Replies To Customer’s New Year’s Eve Complaint Of Being Ignored While Fellow Patron Has Heart Attack

Bar Replies To Customer’s New Year’s Eve Complaint Of Being Ignored While Fellow Patron Has Heart Attack

Often when we hear about a business’ response to a customer complaint spreading furiously on social media, it’s because people are shocked by the company’s response or because someone who works there was perhaps inappropriate in their reply. But when the manager of an Indianapolis bar replied on Facebook to a patron who slammed the establishment for ignoring her party’s questions about the bill to deal with an “overdosed junkie” — in reality, an elderly woman who had a heart attack — the Internet seemed quite pleased. [More]

Bar Says City Sanitation Workers Demanded Booze To Pick Up Trash

Bar Says City Sanitation Workers Demanded Booze To Pick Up Trash

Any good bar goes through a lot of cans, bottles, cardboard pretty quickly — not to mention all the trash that can accumulate — so it’s important for bar owners that this detritus be hauled away in a timely manner before it becomes a nuisance. But the owner of one bar in New Jersey says city-contracted sanitation workers tried to shake him down — not for money, but for free booze. [More]

Chicago Target Could Be Company’s First To Serve Alcohol To Shoppers

Chicago Target Could Be Company’s First To Serve Alcohol To Shoppers

Who needs to tote around a cup of coffee or soft drink while browsing the aisles of their local big box retailer when they could have a glass of wine in hand instead? While shopping and drinking can certainly be a dangerous combination for some people (not myself, of course), that could be the next step for Target. [More]

From a lawsuit filed against the NFL and DirecTV by a Manhattan bar. "3-Pay," and "5-Pay" refer to options for paying for the package in installments.

Here’s How Much Your Local Sports Bar Is Paying For NFL Sunday Ticket

If you think $252-$354/year is a lot to pay for DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket, well… you’re right. But it’s also just a fraction of what even the smallest sports bar will pay to carry the exclusive add-on package. [More]


The 10-Minute Jell-O Shot Machine Is Here

Jell-O shots are fun and delicious, but they have a serious disadvantage: they’re quick and easy to prepare, but require hours of lead time and a lot of fridge space while they congeal. This limits the potential for spontaneous boozing at your house party, but one entrepreneur realized that it also affects bar profits. His solution is a machine that cranks out a tray of Jell-O shots in five minutes. [More]

New Law Brings Happy Hour Back To Illinois Bars — In Moderation

New Law Brings Happy Hour Back To Illinois Bars — In Moderation

What time is it in Illinois? It’s Happy Hour: fans of cheap after-work drink deals will surely be rejoicing in Illinois, where the governor just signed a law making happy hour legal again in the state — to a certain point.



Where In The World Can You Find The Cheapest Beer?

If you’re the kind of person who needs to know everything about a city before you visit, your list of requirements might include pinning down where you can get a cheap beer. So before you hit the road or book that flight, you might want to check out a recent list of which cities around the globe have the priciest pours.



Companies Can Charge Customers A Bunch Of Money For Snack Bars Because They Know We’ll Buy’em

There are some things we won’t blink an eye at paying a premium for because, well, that’s just what we do when we want something. Like steak — meat lovers are willing to hand over a hefty chunk of change because part of that high price implies high quality. Such is the case for snack bars, which are enjoying increased popularity right now and commanding high prices.


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NYC Hotel Bar: Dress Code Should Not Have Been Enforced Against Navy Officer In Uniform

It’s understandable that some establishments use a dress code to maintain a certain atmosphere, but one New York City hotel is now apologizing after an employee enforced a strict set of clothing rules for the hotel’s popular rooftop bar, reportedly refusing to allow a Navy officer in because she was in uniform.


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New Orleans Ban Against Smoking In Bars Goes Into Effect

Bars never close in New Orleans, but now those late night hot spots and cozy dives won’t be filled with smoke: Following the lead of many of the country’s major cities, New Orleans put a ban against smoking inside bars into effect as of today.


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Americans Are Spending More To Dine Out Than On Groceries For The First Time

In a first for Americans, a new study says we’re spending more as a country eating away from home than we are on groceries. Why slave away over a hot stove creating something that may or may not end up tasting good when you can pay someone else to do it for you?



Police: Man Called 9-1-1 A Dozen Times Claiming Bar Overcharged Him For Beer

Will calling emergency services repeatedly about a bar bill summon the cops? Sure, but they won’t be helping to sort out whether or not you were overcharged for a beer, they’ll be charging you with abusing the 9-1-1 system, an offense that can bring up to a year in jail and a fine that is the equivalent of many, many beers.


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There’s Now A Thing Called Artisanal Ice, It Melts Slower But Costs You More

Depending on where you live, you may be hard-pressed to find a cocktail under $10 nowadays. Drink prices have increased over the past several years thanks in part to more creatively crafted drinks and…ice? Yes, you read that right, artisanal ice is real and apparently expensive.



Dallas Bar Owner Won’t Show NFL Games In Protest Of League’s Domestic Violence Policy

Like a unicorn kissing noses with a flying dragon, a bar in Texas that refuses to show football was, until this point, a fantastical thing that we never thought could become reality. But one Dallas bar owner is willing to risk out on all that football money to protest the NFL’s stance on domestic violence. He says he won’t show any NFL games this season until something changes in the league. [More]