Colleen AF Venable

Barnes & Noble Decides New CEO ‘Was Not A Good Fit’

Barnes & Noble is ditching its CEO of about a year, Ronald Boire, saying in a statement today that he “was not a good fit for the organization” and that the company would begin their search for a new CEO immediately. [More]

Mike Mozart

Barnes & Noble Is Starting A Restaurant Group: Wait, What?

Barnes & Noble is looking at ways to keep people coming to their stores in the future, and that will mean opening prototype stores later this year. One unexpected thing that the prototype stores will have will be a restaurant. Nope, not just a Starbucks or a cafe: a restaurant. [More]

Mike Mozart

Barnes & Noble Is Opening 4 New Prototype Stores, Closing Fewer Than Expected

It was just three years ago that Barnes & Noble announced that it planned to close about one-third of the 689 stores that it had at the time by 2023. Things have apparently changed in the book business since then, because the bookstore chain announced today that it will open four new stores and close eight by the end of the year. [More]

Colleen AF Venable

Barnes & Noble Shuts Down Third-Party Marketplace For Over A Week, Shrugs

Twenty years ago, you would not have been allowed to set up your own little kiosk in the accessories department at Walmart selling the same sunglasses at slightly lower prices. Yet that’s exactly what e-commerce sites let third-party sellers do, and it usually works smoothly for everyone. Unless you’re a seller on Barnes & Noble’s Marketplace site, which shut down with no warning more than a week ago. Sellers are still locked out. [More]


Barnes & Noble Decides To Keep Nook Instead Of Spinning It Off As Planned

Barnes & Noble apparently isn’t ready to let go of Nook, announcing today that while it’ll still be spinning off its college textbook business as planned, it’ll be holding on to its e-book division after all. [More]


Barnes & Noble Will Buy Back Microsoft’s Share Of The Nook Business

At first upon hearing that Barnes & Noble will be buying back the stake Microsoft bought in its Nook business in 2012, one might have the idea that Barnes & Noble really believes in the Nook again. But no, it’s just bringing the e-reader business back into the fold so it can prepare to spin it off in a sale next year. [More]

Barnes & Noble Now Taking On Toy Stores To Increase Sales

Barnes & Noble Now Taking On Toy Stores To Increase Sales

Once upon a time, a book store sold books and a toy store sold toys. That is not the way things work now, though. And Barnes & Noble is a prime example of companies selling items outside of their traditional products in an attempt to lift their bottom-line – and it’s working.  [More]

Barnes & Noble, Google Partner To Take On Amazon With Same-Day Book Shipping

Barnes & Noble, Google Partner To Take On Amazon With Same-Day Book Shipping

The spirit of competition has a tendency to create odd bedfellows. Or so seems to be the case for Barnes & Noble and Google, whose partnership to offer same-day shipping could prove to be a formidable rival to Amazon. [More]


Barnes & Noble To Train Employees To Not Be Jerks To Breastfeeding Moms

In spite of the fact that every state in the U.S. has laws that allow nursing moms to feed their babies in public, there are still frequent reports (some possibly fictional) of breastfeeding mothers being told to cover up or leave stores, restaurants, and airplanes. In the wake of one such incident at one of its stores in New York state earlier this year, Barnes & Noble has agreed to train its employees that it’s not illegal for a mother to give sustenance to her young child. [More]


Barnes & Noble To Finally Spin Off Nook Into Separate Business

These days when we think of Barnes & Noble, there’s always a second thought immediately after — “What the heck is going on with that company?” After years of whispers, exits, and declining sales, Barnes & Noble says it’s finally going to go ahead and spin off its Nook business, separating it from the retail part of the company. [More]

Barnes & Noble Might Have Smaller Stores, Still Won’t Price-Match Own Website

Barnes & Noble Might Have Smaller Stores, Still Won’t Price-Match Own Website

It’s pretty intuitive that you don’t need a lot of retail floor space to sell e-books. Even a display of e-reader gadgets doesn’t take up as much room as shelf after shelf of books. that’s why absolutely no one should be surprised that Barnes & Noble might be considering stores with a smaller footprint. [More]

Barnes & Noble Turns Profit, Considers Splitting Itself Up

Barnes & Noble consists of three businesses: college bookstores, regular bookstores, and the Nook e-reader device and platform. In today’s earnings call, new CEO Michael Huseby reported that the company is again turning a profit, and that they’re “studying” separating the different parts of the business. [Reuters]

Will Focusing On Digital Products Save Or Doom Barnes & Noble?

Will Focusing On Digital Products Save Or Doom Barnes & Noble?

This past summer, Barnes & Noble announced that they’d be finding a third-party manufacturer for their Nook line of e-readers and tablets. Then their CEO resigned, mostly due to the failure of Nook hardware and content to save the company. The head of the Nook division took charge of the company, and has now officially been named CEO. So what will happen with the Nook now? [More]

Barnes & Noble Explains Why Its Chat Reps Sound Like Robots

Barnes & Noble Explains Why Its Chat Reps Sound Like Robots

Many people who’ve worked in the customer service field — where it’s not uncommon to be screamed at by irate callers — say it can be a dehumanizing experience, to the point where you sometimes feel like a robot. Then there are the non-humans who desperately want to be flesh-and-blood but can’t cross that uncanny valley. And finally there are those CSRs who might indeed be human, but aren’t doing a very good job of convincing the world of it. [More]

Why Did Barnes & Noble Push Up My Membership Renewal Date By 2 Weeks?

Why Did Barnes & Noble Push Up My Membership Renewal Date By 2 Weeks?

William is a Barnes & Noble member, which entitles him to discounts in the physical store and free shipping on the Barnes & Noble website. He renews this membership every year, when it expires. That’s at the end of the year. Or so he thought. [More]


Barnes & Noble Founder Drops Bid To Buy Out The Struggling Bookstore Chain

Remember how Barnes & Noble founder, chairman and stake holder Leonard Riggio was going to swoop in on wings made of cash and buy back the struggling chain, saving it from the doom met by Borders? That shining hope has fizzled, it appaars, as Riggio has taken back his offer to swoop, buyout and generally act as savior in general. [More]


Barnes & Noble CEO Resigns Because You Didn’t Buy A Nook

In the bookstore arena, two American giants remain: Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Both companies sell dead-tree books and have created their own e-reader brands, and both companies see that e-reader as essential to their future survival. Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch resigned late yesterday, part of an expected shakeup after the world learned that the Nook division lost a whole bunch of money. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Branch Out, Visit 7-Eleven And Barnes & Noble

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Branch Out, Visit 7-Eleven And Barnes & Noble

The retail archaeologists known as the Raiders of the Lost Walmart tirelessly search the world’s retail outlets for the finest and longest-buried antiquities. What kind of ancient wonders did they turn up this week? Well, good news if you’re a time-traveling hockey scout. [More]