DiGiorno Shows Why You Should Read Twitter Hashtags Before Using Them

We’ve discussed before how brands should reconsider the use of Twitter as a promotional tool, since the combination of employees signed in to the wrong account, thoughtless jumping on bandwagons, and followers who know how to take screen shots has damaged a lot of brands. Today’s devastating example of why you should look before employing a hashtag comes from frozen pizza brand DiGiorno, which wandered into a serious Twitter conversation about domestic violence. [More]

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AT&T Follows T-Mobile Into The Early Upgrade Arena With “Next” Installment Program

Not one to be left behind when competitors start announcing new features, AT&T is touting its new “Next” installment program, which will allow customers to get a new phone once a year — for a fee, of course. This, days after T-Mobile debuted its JUMP system that charges users $10 per month and allows for two upgrades every year. [More]