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Here’s What Happens When Banana Boat Ignites On Your Skin

On Friday, the makers of Banana Boat sunscreen recalled a slew of products over concerns that they could possibly ignite on a users’ skin. And while the idea of flaming sunscreen scored its share of giggles, the image here shows it’s no laughing matter. [More]

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Banana Boat Sunscreen Recalled Because Your Skin Isn’t Supposed To Be Set On Fire

Considering that Banana Boat sunscreen products are supposed to keep you from getting sunburn, it’s a bit surprising that the stuff is being recalled because it could ignite while still on your skin. [More]

Holy Crap, Aerosol Sunscreen Can Set People On Fire

Holy Crap, Aerosol Sunscreen Can Set People On Fire

They’re two staples of a summer day in the Northeast: a backyard grill and a bottle of sunscreen. Why not reapply some sunscreen before you prepare for a long session cooking some meats? It’s not such a good idea if your sunscreen is the spray-on kind. Sure, the can says “flammable,” but it didn’t occur to a Massachusetts man that this statement is also true after the sunscreen is on your skin, for several minutes after application. He applied some Banana Boat Sport aerosol sunscreen, walked over to his charcoal grill, and was engulfed in flames. He ended up with second-degree burns on his upper body. Way more painful than a sunburn…but no excuse to skip putting on sunscreen. [More]