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How Should Business Owners Respond To A Negative Online Review?

We know that the proper response of a business to a bad online review shouldn’t be to post their own fake positive ones, or to fine wedding hosts for the bad reviews by their invited guests. Yet what should the proper response be when someone expresses dissatisfaction with your business…or when you take over a business with a history of bad reviews? [More]


Chef Who Said Customer Must Enjoy Vomit Apologizes & The Two Are Now BFF

As is so often the case with hastily posted outpourings of vitriol on Facebook, the chef at the Boston restaurant who called an unhappy customer “fat” and said she must enjoy vomit if she knows what it tastes like in order to compare his food to the substance, has apologized. Or rather, someone has apologized on the restaurant’s Facebook page. [More]

Samsung Stalls And Lies For A Year Over Broken Photo Frame

Samsung Stalls And Lies For A Year Over Broken Photo Frame

Dave bought his mother a Samsung digital photo frame for Christmas—Christmas a year ago, and it stopped working after just a few weeks. Since then, Dave has tried regular customer service and executive customer service, he’s waited on hold for up to 2 hours at a time, and he’s waited patiently for RMAs that are promised but never sent. Now it looks like he’s throwing in the towel: “I no longer have the time or energy to waste with them.” You win this battle, Samsung! But you do realize that Dave—a small business owner who has made large Samsung purchases in the past—will never buy another one of your products, right?