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Did Lyft Backtrack On $1,000 Bonus Promise For New Drivers Or Is It Simply Overwhelmed By Applicants?

In an effort to raise a fleet of drivers for its ride-sharing service, Lyft offered $1,000 bonuses both to new drivers and those referring them last week. But it appears the company might have bitten off more than it can chew after receiving more applications than anticipated, leaving some hopeful drivers without bonuses. [More]

Chase Stops Charging $120 Annual Fee For Balance Transfer Customers

Chase Stops Charging $120 Annual Fee For Balance Transfer Customers

We wrote in January about a new $10 per month fee that Chase was arbitrarily imposing on customers who had transferred balances to their Chase cards. Well after having a little chat with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Chase announced that they’ll stop charging this ridiculous fee and they’ll be refunding customers’ previous payments.