Whistleblower Claims Major Baby Formula Company Used Defective Packaging

Whistleblower Claims Major Baby Formula Company Used Defective Packaging

The business pages are lighting up this morning with the news that baby formula biggie Mead Johnson Nutrition — makers of Enfamil — is being bought by Reckitt Benckhiser (whose brands include baby-stopping Durex condoms) for $16.6 billion, but we’re more interested in a new whistleblower lawsuit from a former Mead Johnson executive who claims the company ignored concerns about defective packaging and fired her for trying to get the problem addressed. [More]

FDA Once Again Finds Elevated Levels Of Belladonna In Some Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets

FDA Once Again Finds Elevated Levels Of Belladonna In Some Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets

Your infant is in pain from sore gums, and you want to do something to ease that pain, so maybe you consider a homeopathic treatment, with its heavily diluted active ingredients. What you may not know is that this seemingly innocuous teething tablet might contain unsafe levels of potentially dangerous belladonna. [More]

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Raising a baby can be pretty nerve-wracking, especially for first-time parents. Babies make weird sounds, do bizarre things, and can’t describe when something’s actually wrong. Meanwhile, it’s 2017 and our solution to basically every old problem is: “Have you tried throwing new technology at it?” [More]

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Parents Report Finding “Sophie The Giraffe” Toys Filled With Mold

Except for certain cheeses, you wouldn’t sit around and gnaw on something full of mold, and you wouldn’t want your child to do so, either. That’s why parents were horrified to see photos online of familiar Sophie the Giraffe toys full of mold. Mold! [More]

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Southwest Flight Makes Unscheduled Stop After Passenger Gives Birth On The Plane

A Southwest Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Orlando gained an additional passenger in mid-air yesterday when a woman gave birth on the plane. [More]

86K Infant Bathtubs Recalled Over Drowning Risk

86K Infant Bathtubs Recalled Over Drowning Risk

The maker of an infant bathtub will recall 86,000 of its products after receiving reports that 11 children were injured when the sling holding them in place unexpectedly detached.  [More]

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FDA And Hyland Argue About Actual Effects Of Homeopathic Teething Tablets

Teething means frazzled parents and inconsolable babies, and parents who would try just about anything to soothe their child. Yet homeopathic remedy maker Hyland’s has responded to a warning last week from the Food and Drug Administration telling parents not to give their children homeopathic tablets or drops when teething. [More]


Stroller, Infant Carrier Falls & Tip Overs Send Two Children To The Hospital Every Hour

Strollers, carriers, and baby wraps are a necessity for parents looking to transport their kids from one point to another. Yet data in a new study shows just how many children are injured each year in incidents involving one of these devices. [More]

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State Fairs Of Yesteryear Often Featured Creepy Baby-Judging Contests

Just imagine: you’re standing in the crowd at the state fair, gaze fixed on a stage filled not with plump vegetables, carefully crafted pies, or prize cows, but babies. Yes, the past could get pretty creepy. [More]

Company Recalling 180K Pacifiers & Clips Due To Choking Hazard

As any parent knows, pacifiers have a way of disappearing from the mouths of babies and winding up lost or coated in a fine layer of yuck under the couch. So clips that tether the soothing devices to their users can be very convenient — as long as all the pieces involved in the clip stay where they should. [More]

Group Accuses ‘Your Baby Can Read’ Creators Of Violating False Advertising Settlement With ‘Your Baby Can Learn’

Group Accuses ‘Your Baby Can Read’ Creators Of Violating False Advertising Settlement With ‘Your Baby Can Learn’

Nearly two years ago, the creators of the popular Your Baby Can Read! series of videos put an end to a Federal Trade Commission deceptive advertising complaint by agreeing to cease making unsubstantiated claims about any product that purports to teach kids how to read. But the advocacy group that first spurred the FTC into action says that the creators of this program are violating that 2014 deal. [More]

Woman Gives Birth In Sam’s Club Bathroom With Employees’ Help

Woman Gives Birth In Sam’s Club Bathroom With Employees’ Help

On more than one occasion we’ve reported on the miracle of birth taking place not in a hospital, but in a Walmart parking lot or inside the big box store. Over the weekend, an Arkansas woman took a slightly different approach, giving birth at another local retailer: Sam’s Club.  [More]

Darth Vader Baby Outfits Recalled For Oddly Appropriate Reason

From the “oddly appropriate recall” files, some baby bodysuits (don’t call them onesies!) bearing the image of Darth Vader have been recalled because they pose a choking hazard. No, not because Sith lords are holding out their hands to hurt any younglings, but because the snaps at the bottom might detach too easily and babies could put them in their mouths. A suit celebrating the 60th anniversary of Disneyland has also been recalled, but that doesn’t make as good a headline. Both suits were sold at Disneyland, Disney World, and on Disney cruise ships. [CPSC] (Thanks, Dirk!)

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Not Even Diaper Pail Bags Are Spared From Target Math

Buying in bulk is usually the way to save money on an item that you know you’ll be buying a lot of… like, for example, special deodorizing bags for your diaper pail. Unless you’re shopping at Target. Then, the normal rules don’t apply, and you shouldn’t assume that buying one package of 20 items will be cheaper than two packages of 10 or even four packages of five. [More]


IKEA Recalls SPELEVINK Crib Mattresses For A Second Time: Now It’s Flammability

If you happen to own IKEA’s VYSSA SPELEVINK crib mattress, that means you’ve already missed two recalls of your kid’s mattress. Those were for potential entrapment: it was possible for the mattress to shift so that a child could become trapped between the mattress and crib frame. Now the Consumer Products Safety Commission reports another risk of this product: flammability. [More]

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Emergency Responders Smash Car’s Window After Report Of Baby Locked Inside, End Up Rescuing Lifelike Doll

If you’re in the habit of leaving eerily lifelike baby dolls strapped into a car seat while you’re out and about, you might want to reconsider, unless, of course, you like having your car’s windows smashed open: police in Oakland, Calif. say emergency responders busted the window of a vehicle after passersby reported a baby locked inside, only to find it was a very human looking doll that’d been placed in a rear-facing car seat, just like a living child would be.


New Hampshire Lawmakers Vote To Allow Babies On Beer Bottle Labels

New Hampshire Lawmakers Vote To Allow Babies On Beer Bottle Labels

Babies could soon be popping up on beer bottle labels in New Hampshire: State legislators voted to override the governor’s veto of a bill allowing the sale of beers like Founders Breakfast Stout, which features a baby eating oatmeal on the label.



No Babies On Beer Bottles In New Hampshire After Governor Vetoes Labeling Bill

There are babies on beer bottles in plenty of states, but there will be nary a cherubic child gracing the labels of beer bottles sold in New Hampshire, after the state’s governor shut down a measure that would’ve allowed some depictions of kids on alcoholic beverages.