B2B Telemarketer Rage: A Perspective From The Other End Of The Phone Line

Usually, the people who write to us are besieged with calls from telemarketers or companies they’ve done business with, and want us to help make it stop. Brett is on the other side of the phone line. He’s not the traditional telemarketer you might think of, calling ordinary citizens during dinner: his company is just business-to-business, and he was doing some cold calling to drum up business. The person who answered the phone was anything but businesslike. [More]

This Marketing Letter Is Pretty Ballsy

This Marketing Letter Is Pretty Ballsy

It would almost work on me because I would be curious to find out what kind of people would think this is a good approach. They’ve either got to be total mendicants, or marketing geniuses. “Never darken my door again?” People who say that are people I want to meet! [More]