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Nissan Has Great Sales, Pays Out Big Incentives And Rebates To Dealers To Get There

Nissan is one of the top auto brands in the country, which is nice and all, but the owner of the country’s largest chain of auto dealers gave us a peek under the hood to explain why he doesn’t like the practices that help get it there. Namely, the company gives huge rebates and incentives to dealerships that make their sales goals. [More]


Volvo Planning To Sell A Fully Self-Driving Car In 5 Years

Another day, another major auto manufacturer announcing plans for a self-driving vehicle: this time it’s Volvo, which says it will offer a fully autonomous car to luxury buyers in five years. [More]

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UPDATE: McLaren Says It’s Not Talking About Selling Itself To Apple

Well, that was quick: shortly after a report from the Financial Times hit the news cycle today saying that Apple was in talks to buy McLaren, the automaker says that’s not happening. [More]

GM Debuts New “Rear Seat Reminder” Feature In Battle Against Hot Car Deaths

GM Debuts New “Rear Seat Reminder” Feature In Battle Against Hot Car Deaths

Every summer we find ourselves hearing about children who have died after being left behind in hot cars, and it’s no different this year: 12 kids have died from heatstroke in cars, safety advocates say. In an effort to prevent those deaths, GM has unveiled a new feature that will let drivers know when someone has been left behind in the car. [More]

Carmakers, Regulators To Announce Agreement To Improve Vehicle Safety

Carmakers, Regulators To Announce Agreement To Improve Vehicle Safety

Federal regulators and automakers from around the world are set to announce an agreement on Friday to reform and improve auto safety following a year of record fines and safety recalls.  [More]

10 Things We Learned About Who Really Made Your Subaru

10 Things We Learned About Who Really Made Your Subaru

The carmaker Subaru is having a great decade so far: their sales have doubled in the United States and they’re having trouble keeping up with the demand. While that’s great news for Subaru, an in-depth investigation from Reuters shows that Subaru and its suppliers have turned to some questionable but legal labor practices to keep the Foresters coming down the line. [More]


Ferrari Latest Automaker To Recall Vehicles For Possible Airbag Defect

While 11 automakers have already recalled millions of vehicles equipped with potentially deadly Takata-produced airbags, a twelfth car manufacturer announced it would also recall thousands of cars with safety devices supplied by the Japanese auto parts maker, although for a different, but still dangerous, reason. [More]

Mazda Adds 540,000 Vehicles To Takata Airbag Recall List

Mazda Adds 540,000 Vehicles To Takata Airbag Recall List

The roster of vehicles recalled for Takata-produced airbags found to spew pieces of shrapnel with enough force to injure or kill occupants continues to grow. This time, the list increased by nearly 540,000 Mazda automobiles. [More]

Takata Beefing Up Replacement Airbag Production, Again

Takata Beefing Up Replacement Airbag Production, Again

Just as federal regulators caution that it could take years before the nearly 34 million recalled vehicles equipped with Takata airbags that can spew shrapnel upon deployment are replaced, the Japanese auto parts maker says it expects to speed up its output of replacement parts by year’s end. [More]

A majority of manufacturers reported storing driver data with third-parties.

Report: Automakers Fail To Protect Connected Cars From Security, Privacy Hacks

The newest models of connected cars come with everything from built-in navigation and entertainment systems to roadside assistance. While these features might make life behind the wheel a little easier, a new report found that not enough has been done to adequately protect those components from hackers. [More]


NHTSA Says Automakers Issued 650 Safety Recalls In 2012, Affecting 17.8 Million Products

Automakers had their hands full with recalls last year, at least according to the latest numbers from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Today the NHTSA announced that vehicle manufacturers had filed more than 650 safety recalls in 2012, which includes more than 17.8 million vehicles, child seats and other equipment related to automobiles. [More]

Spyker Makes One More Offer For Saab

Spyker Makes One More Offer For Saab

Saab may not die after all! Spyker Cars made another offer yesterday, along with a proposal addressing the concerns that led GM to turn down their initial offer.


Hey, New Stockholders – What Kind Of Cars Should GM Make Now?

The U.S. and Canadian governments now own a substantial portion of General Motors. If that means that us taxpayers are the real owners. So Consumer Reports Cars wants to know: what do you think GM should make?


On Sunday, a judge approved the sale of nearly all of Chrysler’s assets to a group led by Italy-based Fiat. [BBC]

GM Files For Bankruptcy Today

GM Files For Bankruptcy Today

After failing to get its debt-for-stock offer approved last week, and missing the June 1st deadline for concessions from creditors and its union, GM will file for bankruptcy later today. Reuters notes that its filing will be the third-largest in U.S. history, after Lehman Bros and Washington Mutual, and the largest ever in manufacturing.

Jon Stewart to Automakers: "BE A F@#KING PERSON!"

Jon Stewart to Automakers: "BE A F@#KING PERSON!"

In case you don’t watch “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” as obsessively as I do, here’s a segment from earlier this week that is relevant to Consumerist readers’ interests. In it, they provide an overview of news coverage of the closing of GM and Chrysler dealerships, and implore the companies to “be a f@#king person!”

Toyota Posts First Loss In 59 Years

Toyota Posts First Loss In 59 Years

Here’s a story that we missed late last week, probably because we were busy having nightmares about snake heads. Toyota lost $7.74 billion this past quarter. That’s more than GM (though less than GM pre-bailout), and much more than predicted. It’s the company’s first annual loss since Elvis was in the Army.

Really Creepy Ads Killed The Electric Car

Really Creepy Ads Killed The Electric Car

I watched the Who Killed The Electric Car documentary last night and was thunderstruck by the “ad” that GM made when California made them make electric cars against their will. If you want to sell a car, you put a hot person in it and shoot them skidding at high speeds across desert plains. This was like trailer for a sequel to The Ring.