Be Proactive: Keep Track Of Your Auto-Payments Before You Lose Them All

Sure, being able to set up automatic payments is the salvation of people who are financially forgetful. If you lose track of which payments you have set up on which card, though, you’re in for some serious problems if you have to change your credit or debit card numbers. [More]

(Steve Rhode)

SunTrust Denies Taking Automatic HELOC Payments, Then Stops Taking Them

Steven opened a free checking account with SunTrust, the bank that holds his mortgage, because it was free and convenient. But something strange started to happen: payments to his home equity line of credit began to magically disappear. His local bank staff denied that this was happening or that it was even possible, but it kept happening. It was convenient, so he didn’t look too far into it. Until the auto-payments that never existed stopped. [More]

Bank of America Calls Customer a Liar

“If someone claimed you ran over their foot and asked you to pay them money, would you give it to them?”