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Coolest Has To Ship 20,000 Rewards To Kickstarter Backers By 2020

Coolest Has To Ship 20,000 Rewards To Kickstarter Backers By 2020

The Coolest was the hottest Kickstarter campaign of 2014, but a substantial number of people who paid at least $165 plus shipping for the party device still don’t have their coolers. Now a case filed against the company by Oregon’s Department of Justice has been resolved, and the company has three more years to ship out remaining backer rewards. [More]

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AGs Blast Financial CHOICE Act, Urge Congress To Reject Proposed Bill

With legislation to roll back consumer protections and gut the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act expected to be discussed by the House as early as this week, several states are urging lawmakers to reject the legislation. [More]


States To Education Secretary DeVos: Stop Delaying Loan Forgiveness For Students Deceived By Corinthian Colleges

Two months after the Attorneys General from dozens of states sent letters to former students of defunct for-profit college chain Corinthian Colleges reminding them to apply for federal student loan discharges, a number of those same state officials are calling on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to stop delaying loan forgiveness. [More]


AGs: Ringless Robocalls Are Still Robocalls, Shouldn’t Be Allowed

The Republican National Committee and the lobbyists at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce might think that “ringless” robocalls — automated, prerecorded phone calls that go straight to voicemail — are just fine, but the top legal advisors in several states believe the opposite. Now they’re urging the Federal Communications Commission to oppose a petition that would allow telemarketers to use them.  [More]

Uber Settles Charges Of Sending Unwanted Texts With No Opt-Out

Uber Settles Charges Of Sending Unwanted Texts With No Opt-Out

If you’re interested in signing up as an Uber driver, a friend or driver can have the site text you a mutually beneficial referral code. Some consumers in Washington state reported receiving referral text messages from the ride-hailing app that they didn’t ask for, though, with no way to opt out, and now the company and the state have settled those charges. [More]


18 Attorneys General Ask Education Secretary DeVos To Not Go Soft On For-Profit Colleges

A number of high-profile for-profit educators shut down or scaled back operations in recent years, among accusations of overcharging and under-educating students, and new rules intended to hold schools accountable. However, these companies’ fortunes began to turn after the election of Donald Trump and his naming of pro-industry Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. That’s why a group of 18 state attorneys general is calling on the administration to not ease up on these controversial schools. [More]

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Amazon Contractor Agrees To Pay Drivers $100K In Phantom Lunch Breaks

What if your employer deducted lunch breaks from your time sheet, but you weren’t allowed to actually take any time for lunch? That’s what New York’s attorney general says happened to employees of Cornucopia Logistics, a contractor that handles deliveries for Amazon and for its grocery delivery service in New York City. The company has settled with the state, and will pay affected workers and former workers $100,000 in back wages for the practice. [More]

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States Say Volkswagen Won’t Turn Over Documents In Emissions Investigation

A group of state attorneys general called out Volkswagen on Friday for allegedly withholding documents related to its use of “defeat devices” to skirt emissions standards in 500,000 vehicles in the U.S.  [More]

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10 States Investigating Movie Theater Chains Over Antitrust Violations

You know how it’s almost impossible to ever see one of those big blockbuster films showing at the little movie theater down the street? That issue is largely the result of exclusive agreements between large theater chains and film studios that effectively prevent independent rivals from showing certain films. While these deals might be great for the bigger companies, they aren’t so awesome for consumers. And so, 10 state attorneys general are looking into whether or not the contracts used by Regal Cinemas, AMC Entertainment, and Cinemark constitute antitrust violations.  [More]

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Nine Attorneys General Join “Corinthian 15,” Urge DOE To Provide Student Loan Debt Relief For Wronged Borrowers

A group of former and current Corinthian College Inc. students refusing to pay their federal student loans in protest of the government’s support of the crumbling for-profit college chain now have the backing of several top political officeholders afternine attorneys general from across the U.S. sent a letter to the Department of Education asking it to forgive the students’ loan debts. [More]

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Here’s Why You Should Always Read The Details Of Free Trials

When you sign up for a free trial of a service, but don’t have to hand over your payment information on the spot, do you assume that the free trial will simply go away? That’s what many people who signed up for a trial of Amazon Prime seemed to do, and the Iowa Attorney General has arrived at a settlement with Amazon over auto-enrollment in Prime. [More]


14 Attorneys General Back Bill To Create For-Profit College Watchdog

More than six months after a bill that would improve coordination and oversight of the for-profit college industry was introduced in the Senate and House, a number of state attorneys general have signed on in support. [More]

28 Attorneys General Urge Major Retailers To Discontinue Tobacco Sales

28 Attorneys General Urge Major Retailers To Discontinue Tobacco Sales

Is it a conflict of interest when stores that sell products to improve your health also make billions every year selling cigarettes? More than two dozen Attorneys General think so, and are lighting a fire under the nation’s largest drugstore and supermarket chains to get them to quit. [More]

Vonage Reaches $3 Million Settlement With 32 States

Vonage Reaches $3 Million Settlement With 32 States

If you had trouble canceling your Vonage account in recent years and ended up getting charged for services you didn’t want, you might be eligible for a refund under an agreement Vonage just made with the attorneys general of 32 states.

EVT America Delivers Slow, Inaccurate Scooter, No Lemon Law Refund

EVT America Delivers Slow, Inaccurate Scooter, No Lemon Law Refund

Brett wants the EVT America electric scooter he was promised. A scooter that was supposed to have a top speed of 40-45 mph, and required a motorcycle license. Unfortunately, while at top speed the speedometer reads 45 mph, he claims that reality differs.

Newsflash: The Next Tsunami Of Aggressively Irresponsible Loans Didn't Magically Disappear

Newsflash: The Next Tsunami Of Aggressively Irresponsible Loans Didn't Magically Disappear

We’ve been talking about the next wave of the mortgage crisis for quite some time now, and it seems that, as predicted, it’s cresting and about to hit. We are, of course, speaking of Option-ARM loans — considered the riskiest of all mortgages due to their ability to grow rather than shrink. Yes, there actually exists a mortgage that allows the borrower to pay less than the interest that is accruing on the loan.

Top Ten Consumer Complaints To State AG's In 2008

Top Ten Consumer Complaints To State AG's In 2008

The National Association of Attorneys General has polled state attorneys general, who are typically responsible for enforcing consumer protection laws in their states, and announced the top ten consumer complaints for 2008. It’s an interesting list.

National Arbitration Forum Exits Credit Card Dispute Business

National Arbitration Forum Exits Credit Card Dispute Business

Score one for the consumer over unfair arbitration. Just last week, Minnesota’s Attorney General sued the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) for fraud, false advertising, and deceptive trade practices—and now the company has agreed to pull out of the credit card business entirely. According to the settlement reached on July 17th, “The only business NAF can now be involved with is in arbitrating Internet domain disputes, a business it has long been in.”