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The AT&T/DirecTV combo platter saves money, but only for new customers, and after 12 months, it's really just a $10/month bill discount.

Newly Married AT&T/DirecTV Unveil Underwhelming Combined Wireless/TV Plans

Now that the merger of AT&T and DirecTV has cleared regulatory hurdles, the newlyweds are going public with their first combo platter offering that pairs of AT&T wireless phone service with DirecTV satellite TV. Unfortunately, the more than 20 million current DirecTV customers are going to be left out in the cold on this announcement. [More]

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Cable Companies Refuse To Reveal How Much They Make Off Of Set-Top Boxes

Sen. Ed Markey of Massachussetts and Sen. Dick Blumenthal of Connecticut recently posed a handful of questions to the nation’s cable and satellite providers about their set-top boxes — Are they required? How many customers have them? Is there an option for customers to purchase their own? etc. While some providers were more transparent in their responses than others, there was one thing they all agreed on: We’re not telling you how much we make from leasing these devices. [More]

AT&T Claims That DirecTV Merger Will Allow It To Expand GigaPower Fiber Network

AT&T Claims That DirecTV Merger Will Allow It To Expand GigaPower Fiber Network

While we’ve been critical of the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, the motivation behind that deal is clear: It would instantly add 10 million customers to Comcast’s bottom line and give the company control over cable/broadband access for the two largest markets in the country. The reasoning behind the less-scrutinized marriage of AT&T and DirecTV isn’t as cut-and-dry. [More]

Cupertino has the Power... at a premium price.

AT&T Charges $40/Month More For Fiber Internet If Google Isn’t In Your Town Yet

Only weeks ago, AT&T announced gigabit fiber broadband service in Kansas City for $70/month. Granted, customers have to give up their right to privacy to get that rate, but at least it’s the same price being charged by Google Fiber, which also happens to operate in KC. But when it comes to AT&T’s impending gigabit offering in Cupertino — the land of Apple — that $70/month rate is nowhere to be found; probably because Google Fiber is not around. [More]

BabyFirst/AT&T U-Verse iPad App Named Worst Toy Of 2014

BabyFirst/AT&T U-Verse iPad App Named Worst Toy Of 2014

A year after the combination potty/iPad stand took home an award for Worst Toy of the Year, an app from BabyFirst and AT&T U-Verse that your youngsters could use while pottying on last year’s winner has been crowned the worst for 2014. [More]

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How Dropping Phone, TV Service From AT&T Bundle Resulted In 3-Year Collection Hell For Customer

Cable and telecom companies love to sell you on the convenience and affordability of bundles combining phone, TV and Internet service onto one bill. But what they don’t tell you is that shedding that bundle could end up in a billing nightmare. [More]

AT&T Says U-Verse False Alarm Came From Radio Station

AT&T Says U-Verse False Alarm Came From Radio Station

Earlier this morning, AT&T U-Verse subscribers woke up to an alarming, unexplained Emergency Alert Message on their screens. Now the company is trying to shed a bit of light on what exactly happened. [More]

This is not an alert message. It just looks like one. (KXAN-TV)

AT&T U-Verse Freaks Customers Out With Bogus Emergency Alert Message

This morning, some AT&T U-Verse subscribers woke to an alarming message displayed on their TV screens declaring a vague emergency, without any mention of it being a test. [More]

Netflix Speeds Finally Rebound For FiOS, U-Verse Customers

Netflix Speeds Finally Rebound For FiOS, U-Verse Customers

For years, Verizon has bragged about the fast data speeds available to subscribers of its FiOS broadband service. Meanwhile, the company was allowing Netflix streams to bottleneck, resulting in real downstream speeds that were slower than some DSL providers. And even months after Netflix agreed to pay Verizon for better access to its network, the speeds didn’t improve — until now. [More]

Will Netflix Speeds Improve For Verizon, AT&T Internet Customers Anytime Soon?

Will Netflix Speeds Improve For Verizon, AT&T Internet Customers Anytime Soon?

Starting in the second half of 2013, Netflix speeds on several major Internet service providers began to sink drastically as the ISPs allowed Netflix downstream traffic to bottleneck, resulting in slow, fitful delivery to consumers who had paid Netflix for the service and the ISPs for broadband access. Earlier this year, Comcast speeds turned up out of their nosedive when the company made a profitable deal with Netflix, but what about everyone else? [More]


AT&T’s Billing Dept. Refuses To Let My Canceled DSL Account Die

You know how awkward it is when you bid farewell to someone you think you’ll never see again, only to then keep bumping into them and having to say goodbye all over again? Well, imagine how much more it would suck if your bank account was being charged each time your old pal popped up again. [More]

AT&T U-Verse Customers Could Miss New Season Of Mad Men

AT&T U-Verse Customers Could Miss New Season Of Mad Men

In just over two weeks, Emmy-winning AMC drama Mad Men is slated to begin its fourth season on the basic cable channel. But with negotiations between its parent company and AT&T U-Verse over carriage fees, the cable and internet provider might force subscribers to relocate their premiere parties to the apartment of someone with Comcast.