Laptops Stolen From Coca-Cola HQ Compromise Personal Info For 74,000 People

The Wall Street Journal reports that someone stole laptops from Coca-Cola’s Atlanta headquarters that contained unencrypted personal information for upwards of 74,000 people. Among the info compromised by the theft: names, Social Security numbers, and other personal data like driver’s license numbers. The beverage behemoth says the laptops have been recovered and has no evidence that this information was misused. []

Tractor-Trailer Overturns, Spills 40,000 Pounds Of Chicken

Tractor-Trailer Overturns, Spills 40,000 Pounds Of Chicken

This was not the kind of icy, light-colored material that one expects to find strewn across the road in January. A tractor-trailer hauling frozen chicken from Texas to South Carolina overturned yesterday morning on a highway onramp near Atlanta. When the vehicle overturned, the chicken spilled out across the onramp.  [More]

More Strippers Sue Club Owners To Be Treated Like Employees

More Strippers Sue Club Owners To Be Treated Like Employees

While much attention has been paid to the growing movement to improve the wages of fast food and retail workers in the U.S., there have been a number of of lawsuits in the last year involving long-held payment practices at the nation’s gentlemen’s clubs. Dancers at an Atlanta strip club are the latest to sue club owners, alleging that they are being forced to pay the owners for the right to work at the club. [More]

Atlanta Deploys Urine Detectors To Curb Scourge Of Peed-In Elevators

Are people holding it in because of the actual pee alarm, or just because there is a sign about a pee alarm? (WSB-TV)

Who knew that the elevators in Atlanta’s MARTA rail stations had become a haven for those in need of a semi-private place to relieve their aching bladders? Obviously the people who have complained enough about the problem to convince the Rapid Transit Authority to deploy a urine-detection system. [More]


Should Nissan Leaf Driver Have Been Arrested For “Stealing” $.05 Worth Of Electricity From Public Outlet?

An Atlanta-area man admits that he didn’t have permission to charge up his Nissan Leaf outside a local middle school while waiting for his son to finish tennis practice on a Saturday, but he also believes he shouldn’t have been arrested for using about 5 cents worth of electricity from a publicly available outlet. [More]

Delta Passenger Pleads Guilty To Slapping Baby During Flight

Delta Passenger Pleads Guilty To Slapping Baby During Flight

You may remember the story from February of the 60-year-old man who was accused of getting really drunk on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta and smacking a toddler and allegedly saying “shut that ni**er baby up” to the child’s mother. Yesterday, he agreed to a plea deal that could result with him serving up to six months behind bars. [More]


Wells Fargo Employee Accused Of Stealing $10K From 90-Year-Old Customer

A personal banker at a Wells Fargo branch in Atlanta has been arrested and charged with felony theft for allegedly tricking an elderly customer into giving him more than $10,000. And she may not be the only victim. [More]


Aereo Announces June Launch Date For Service In Atlanta Area

While all the broadcast networks continue to sue Aereo, the streaming service seems determined to expand. Today, it announced that Atlanta will be the third metro area (following New York City and Boston) to receive service. [More]


Septuagenarian Sues Kroger After Being Attacked For Handing Out Food In Parking Lot

You may remember the story from last August about an Atlanta-area man who said he was physically assaulted by a Kroger manager when he attempted to help out another customer in need by giving her some food he’d just purchased. Now the victim has now sued that former manager, the grocery chain, and a private security firm over the incident. [More]


Just in case you needed another reason to switch to direct-deposit, a pair of former postal workers have pleaded guilty to swiping more than $3.5 million in tax refund and benefit checks while employed at a USPS distribution center in Atlanta. (via

The Waffle House lists the 20% as a "property management surcharge."

This Waffle House Adds 20% Surcharge To Pay For Security

Used to be, if a business wanted to spend money to bolster its security, it would have to eat that cost or pass it on to the customer in the form of higher prices. But one Atlanta Waffle House has decided to keep the menu prices the same, and just tack on a 20% surcharge to cover the extra security cost. [More]

Two men are charged with stealing 10 pallets of Tyson chicken wings.

Pair Arrested For Stealing $65K Worth Of Tyson Chicken Wings

With chicken wing prices on the rise, it looks like the tasty bird bits have become a hot commodity. Two Georgia men have been arrested and charged with making off with a massive amount of frozen wings from a cold storage facility. [More]


Don’t Fall For The ‘Buy Puppies From The Airport’ Scam

So you’re thinking of getting a dog and then you see an ad using the local airport’s logo, images and letterhead saying you can get a pooch from the airport’s kennels; you just have to pay hundreds of dollars in advance before you pick the puppy up. It might seem like an obvious scam to you, but plenty of people are falling for it. [More]


McDonald’s Tries To Healthy-Up The McMuffin With “Egg White Delight”

Since the dawn of Yuppies, people have been asking for egg-white omelets and other egg-white only options for their breakfasts. It took a while, but McDonald’s is finally dipping its toes into the egg white water with tests of something called the Egg White Delight. [More]

Comcast Jacks Up Cable Bills For Atlanta Customers With Second Price Increase In Year

Comcast Jacks Up Cable Bills For Atlanta Customers With Second Price Increase In Year

If you have Comcast and live in the Atlanta area, expect to be paying more after Oct. 1, as the cable company is increasing rates — for the second time this year — on customers in the region by anywhere from 3% to 17%. [More]

Woman Hit With $9,000 Water Bill After City Refuses To Believe Her

Woman Hit With $9,000 Water Bill After City Refuses To Believe Her

Rounding out the trilogy that began with the $3,000 cable bill, followed by the $1.3 million power bill, is the story of an Atlanta woman who has spent the last year trying to tell the city’s water department about her wildly increasing bills — and who now faces a $9,000 bill for her efforts. [More]

Three Delta Employees Charged With Smuggling At Least $600K In Drugs

Three Delta Employees Charged With Smuggling At Least $600K In Drugs

Even though it could result in a life sentence and millions of dollars in fines, airline and airport staff continue to think that smuggling drugs is a good way to earn a few extra bucks on the side. [More]

7-Year-Old Walmart Shopper Fights Off Attempted Kidnapping In Toy Aisle

I can’t be the only one whose mother used tales of in-store child abductions in an attempt to keep me from wandering off during trips to Sears and Bradlees. She also instructed me to scream like something that screams really, really loud if anyone ever tried to do anything sketchy. A 7-year-old girl in Georgia seems to have learned that same lesson. [More]