15 Explanations For Company Name Mashups You Never Knew You Wanted Explained

You might know the backstory behind some brand names — like that BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke (or Bavarian Motor Works) or that CVS started as Consumer Value Stores. Look at you, smartypants. But what about LEGO? Or ASICS? LG, anyone? [More]

After 3 Months, Asus Can’t Send Me A Working Motherboard

After 3 Months, Asus Can’t Send Me A Working Motherboard

Ian tells us that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to computers. What he doesn’t know is whether Asus will ever send him a properly functioning motherboard for his current gaming rig. This seems like it would be simple enough, but on Planet Asus, it is not. After months of incompetence and frustration, he broke down and shared his story with us. [More]


Maybe Best Buy Would Compete Better If Their Employees Acknowledged Customers

Ryan wanted to buy a tablet, but he’s in the Northeast and couldn’t expect a delivery to show up reliably while his region is getting smacked by a massive Frankenstorm. He took the opportunity to try to buy the tablet he desired in person. Where he lives, the main place to buy electronics is Best Buy, which had the Asus Transformer Infinity in stock. Should be simple enough: go to the store, buy the tablet, then come home and play with the tablet. Right? [More]

One of many Tweets that shouldn't have been

10 Examples Of Why Companies Should Just Avoid Twitter Altogether

People talk about the risk posed by the immediacy of the Internet. Items can be posted with little thought about consequences, or made public by accident, and no matter how much deleting or editing you might do, the truth — as the kids say — is out there. Nowhere is this danger more evident than the Twittersphere. [More]

10 Secrets To Getting Better Tech Support From Asus

10 Secrets To Getting Better Tech Support From Asus

An Asus technician has stepped forward out the shadows to give us the 10 insider tips for getting through and getting better and faster tech support from the computer and computer parts maker. Some things just can’t be fixed though, but it’s at least to know the soul-crushing math they’re using to destroy the customer experience. Considering how bad their tech support is, you’re definitely going to need these tips…