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Will Pet Stores Stop Selling Puppies Entirely?

Where do you get puppies? The answer isn’t just about the mechanics of canine pregnancy. In the United States today, when your household wants to acquire a dog, where do you get it from? Most people would probably start at a pet store, but due to changes in stores’ own policies and government intervention, falling in love with a doggie in the window is becoming a thing of the past. [More]

These puppies are neither sick nor underage to my knowledge. Just cute and puppies from The Shining. (ChrisGoldNY)

USDA Bans Imports Of Young, Sick Puppies

First of all, let’s all look at those puppies there on the left. Don’t they look like they’re from a really adorable puppy version of The Shining? Maybe The Barking? Anyway, those puppies* are unrelated to this story: The United States Department of Agriculture has a new rule banning the importation of puppies that are too young or sickly to be coming into the country. [More]

Even Sarah McLachlan Changes The Channel When Her ASPCA Commercial Comes On

Even Sarah McLachlan Changes The Channel When Her ASPCA Commercial Comes On

Anyone who was watched basic cable after midnight in the last seven years has probably come face to face with the 2-minute long heart-rending ASPCA commercial about animal cruelty featuring singer Sarah McLachlan and her oft-karaoked song “Angel.” While it’s been a huge fundraising success for ASPCA, it’s not an easy couple of minutes to watch, especially when you’re just trying to watch a 2 a.m. rerun of House Hunters International. Now the Canadian songstress has a comforting message for those of us who reach for the remote: We’re not alone. [More]

14 People Foods That Will Poison Your Puppy

14 People Foods That Will Poison Your Puppy

Any good dog owner knows it’s a bad idea to feed your dog chocolate. And you know at Christmas to keep the pooch out of the poinsettias. But the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center handled more than 17,000 cases of poisoned pets in 2009 — and not all of them were because Snarf got into your Cadbury’s stash.