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Tales Of Consumers Making Outrageous Requests

Quickly, I’m going through some final rounds of edits on an article I’m writing for Reader’s Digest and they want some tales (by the end of today!) of consumers making unreasonable and crazy requests (We need to round out a little counterbalance to the otherwise ass-kicking stories and tips about getting great customer service). Can you think of any? Either stories from our site or news stories you’ve seen or stories from your life.. So far we’ve got the judge who sued the Korean dry-cleaner for $54 million for losing his pants, the bride who sued a florist for $400,000 for using the wrong shade of flower, and a traveler who was kicked off a plane for refusing to remove her meter-long stuffed crocodile from the emergency exit aisle. Can you think of any others? Since we usually focus on good consumers and bad companies, it’s a little hard for me to come up with good examples! Leave your thoughts in the comments.