Should You Take Glucosamine And Chondroitin? Meh

Americans are buying a lot of glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, which are intended to help ease the pain of or prevent symptoms from arthritis. The problem is that there’s no proof that the pills do any good…and tests from our lab-coated cousins down the hall at Consumer Reports showed that many brands don’t even contain the whole dose claimed on the label. [More]

Avon Arthritis Cream Has Arthritic-Person-Proof Childproof Cap

Avon Arthritis Cream Has Arthritic-Person-Proof Childproof Cap

If a product is marketed to people with arthritis, shouldn’t it be easily openable by people who have arthritis? Not that every arthritic person has pain in their hands, of course, but many do. Rich was surprised when a foot cream meant as a gift for his arthritic mother arrived with a childproof cap. [More]

Treat Your Pet's Arthritis With Lead

Treat Your Pet's Arthritis With Lead

People love their pets and want the best for them. That includes medical treatment, and loving, well-meaning pet owners buy over-the-counter supplements for their critters’ aching joints. Unfortunately, nutritional supplements for humans don’t get a lot of scrutiny, and those intended for pets get even less. A study by ConsumerLab.com discovered that arthritis supplements for dogs, cats, and horses not only didn’t contain the quantity of active ingredients promised, but also contained…other things.

Merck’s Vioxx Replacement Still A Heart Risk

Merck’s getting in on the arthritis market again with a new drug, called Arcoxia. You might remember their previous offering, Vioxx, which was discontinued two years ago after octogenarians countrywide lifted their contorted, claw-like hands to a withered chest and let out a rattling gasp under the influence of a massive, Vioxx-induced heart attack. Lawsuits abounded.