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Burger King Asst. Manager Takes Home Bag O’ Cash To “Teach Co-Worker A Lesson”

In Volusia County, Florida, one man’s alleged attempt at teaching a co-worker a valuable life lesson is another man’s alleged act of grand theft. [More]

Our sentiments, exactly.

Sure, Netflix Said It’d Only Do One Season Of Arrested Development, But…

Netflix, y’all are just a bunch of outright teases, pulling the heart strings of Arrested Development fans this way and that way. Back in February, the company was all like, don’t get your hopes up, people — we’re only doing one streaming season of the show. The episodes hit all at once in May, hullabaloo ensued, and we all thought it was over until the AD movie. But it isn’t, not really. [More]


There’s Always Publicity In The Banana Stand

There’s always money in the banana stand, and there’s always publicity in setting up a global network of banana stands to promote the Netflix-exclusive new season of “Arrested Development.”An actual Bluth’s Frozen Banana stand is currently open for business, popping up in various spots in London. On Monday, it will come to New  York. After that? Who knows? [More]

Tobias Funke, Analrapist

Netflix: We’re Only Doing One Season Of Arrested Development

For fans of the short-lived but much-adored former Fox sitcom Arrested Development, the show’s impending return on Netflix has been reason to stay with the video-streaming service. But today, the company announced it will only be doing a single season of the show. [More]

What Fictional Products Do You Wish Were Real?

What Fictional Products Do You Wish Were Real?

Re-watching the Back to the Future movies recently, I remembered how deeply the tween me once longed for a hover board like the one Michael J. Fox races around the Hill Valley of 2015. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see a real hover board on the market in the next five years, the 30-something me still wants one. [More]