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Why Does The New England Aquarium Breed Jellyfish As Currency?

When zoos first began in this country, there was nothing wrong with going shopping for the animals that they wanted to have in their collections. Explorers would capture critters from all over the world and bring them back for Americans to gawk at. After the passage of the Endangered Species Act, that changed, and institutions now only barter or donate animals. So where do new animals come from? [More]

Should PetSmart Provide In-Home Services?

Should PetSmart Provide In-Home Services?

Would you hire your next dog-walker from PetSmart? RetailWire says the pet store chain is considering offering in-home services such as “dog walking, backyard clean-up and aquarium set-up,” to help differentiate it from retailers like Walmart (who offer steeply discounted fish).

Buy Your Dead Fish For Less At Walmart

Buy Your Dead Fish For Less At Walmart

A reader sent us the following pics of the neglected aquariums in her local Walmart in Carmi, Illinois. She complained to a manager, but when she checked back “several hours later,” the tanks remained untouched. Well, the dead fish were probably slightly smaller, since the remaining live fish were eating them.