Apple Reportedly Looking To Create Competitor To Amazon Echo

Apple Reportedly Looking To Create Competitor To Amazon Echo

With the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, Apple led the charge to make new personal digital products accessible, popular, and now all but necessary. But the electronics giant may now be playing catch-up to Amazon in the connected-home market, as the e-tailer’s Echo device and its various spinoffs become more affordable and functional. Now comes news that Apple is looking to build a connected-home speaker/assistant of its own to go head-to-head with Echo. [More]

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UPDATE: McLaren Says It’s Not Talking About Selling Itself To Apple

Well, that was quick: shortly after a report from the Financial Times hit the news cycle today saying that Apple was in talks to buy McLaren, the automaker says that’s not happening. [More]


Owners Of iPhone 7 Devices Report Lightning Headphone Glitch

Since the new iPhone 7 became available on Friday, countless consumers have received the new devices — headphone bug and all, apparently.  [More]


Apple Filed A Patent Application For A Paper Shopping Bag

If you’re one of the most widely recognized electronics companies, folks may assume that everything you come up with is some high-tech piece of gadgetry. So when Apple files a patent for a common paper shopping bag, well, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher. [More]

News Organizations Sue FBI To Find Out Who & How Much It Paid To Unlock Terrorist’s iPhone

News Organizations Sue FBI To Find Out Who & How Much It Paid To Unlock Terrorist’s iPhone

In the months following the tragic Dec. 2, 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino, the FBI and Apple engaged in a heated legal (and publicity) battle over whether or not the tech giant could be compelled to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the attackers. Then in March 2016, the FBI paid an unidentified third party to provide a solution this particular problem. The identity and actual cost of this unlocking is still unknown, but two of the country’s biggest media companies have sued the FBI to learn more. [More]


T-Mobile: Apple Has Fixed iOS 10 Connectivity Issues, So Go Ahead And Update

T-Mobile customers using the iPhone 6, 6S, and SE can now go ahead and install to iOS 10, as the company says Apple has issued a fix to address connectivity issues some folks reported this week after updating their phones. [More]

Some Retailers Say They Don’t Have Enough New Apple Watches To Fulfill Pre-Orders

Some Retailers Say They Don’t Have Enough New Apple Watches To Fulfill Pre-Orders

Yesterday, Apple warned that people who didn’t preorder the iPhone 7 Plus would probably not be able to find them at Apple stores when they went on sale this morning. Now comes news some retailers are unable to fill preorders for today’s other Apple debut: the Series 2 Apple Watch. [More]


You Won’t Find The iPhone 7 Plus At Apple Stores Friday

Apple fans who missed out on iPhone 7 pre-orders may be holding out hope that they’ll be able to pick up a new phone at the Apple store tomorrow. But if you were expecting to snag a iPhone 7 Plus — or a jet black iPhone 7 — in the morning, you might come away empty-handed. [More]

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iOS 10 Will Allow Nomorobo & Other Call Blockers To Work On iPhones

Most robocall blocking software and hardware has focused on stopping unwanted calls to landline phones, and especially landlines connected over the internet. That’s all well and good, but a growing number of Americans are now cellphone-only, meaning many millions of us still have to face these annoying calls. When Apple rolls out iOS 10 — the latest update to its mobile operating system — this week, it should open the door to a spate of new robo-blockers for your iPhone. [More]

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There Are Decent Wireless Headphones To Go With Your iPhone 7, But They’re Not Cheap

Yesterday, Apple made people sit through an hour of pointless blather about the Apple Watch before finally unveiling the iPhone 7, complete with its missing headphone jack. Sure, you can connect your favorite analog headphones with the included dongle, but how do you charge your phone while also listening to music? You’ll need to go wireless. [More]

Apple Confirms World’s Worst Kept Secret: iPhone 7 Starts At $649; Pre-Orders Start Sept. 9

Apple Confirms World’s Worst Kept Secret: iPhone 7 Starts At $649; Pre-Orders Start Sept. 9

Apple once again called the faithful to the fold this morning to sit patiently for two hours to hear the worst-kept secret in the tech industry: There’s a new iPhone and, no, it doesn’t have a separate headphone jack anymore.


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Did Apple Accidentally Upload Some iPhone 7 Info Early?

You may have heard that Apple plans to unveil its latest version of the iPhone tomorrow, but it appears that someone working on the tech giant’s website may have jumped the gun a bit. [More]

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iPhone Part Suppliers Say Apple Told Them To Accept Price Cuts

For almost every part in the iPhone, Apple has another supplier lined up and ready to go. That’s a good practice in case anything goes wrong, and also to give the company negotiating power when it wants to cut costs. Apple is putting that backup plan into action now, as suppliers say that the company is out to lower its cost on parts as smartphone sales have slowed down. [More]

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Tim Cook: EU’s Ruling On Back Taxes Apple Owes Ireland Is “Total Political Crap”

After the European Union antitrust commissioner announced earlier this week that Apple received preferential treatment in terms of taxes and owes Ireland €13 billion or so for 10 years’ worth of back tax, Apple CEO Tim Cook is calling the whole thing “total political crap.” [More]

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Judge Dismisses Claims That Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine Cheated Early Beats Partner

After Beats Electronics and Music scored $3 billion when it became part of Apple, not everyone was happy. A former partner of Beats executives Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, for one, who sued the pair in 2015, claiming they’d swindled him out of money that should’ve been his. A judge has now dismissed key claims in the former partner’s lawsuit. [More]

Apple Sued Over “Touch Disease” Flaw In iPhone 6 Devices

Apple Sued Over “Touch Disease” Flaw In iPhone 6 Devices

It was really only a matter of time: owners of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices affected by the so-called “touch disease” have sued Apple over a supposed flaw that leads touchscreens to become unresponsive, essentially rendering the devices useless. [More]


EU Regulators: Apple Owes Ireland $14.5 Billion In Back Taxes

That thing where corporations do anything they can to pay as little tax as possible doesn’t just hit inside the U.S. Companies that relocate part of their operations overseas to avoid an American tax bill still have to pay the taxes they owe to the countries they’re in, and that’s what European antitrust regulators say Apple hasn’t properly done.


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Apple Patents Tech To Record & Scan Fingerprints Of Suspected iPhone Thieves

For the past two years, some smartphone manufacturers have been adding so-called “kill switches” software to phones that allow them to be turned off remotely if they fall into the wrong hands. Now, Apple is taking things a bit further, by patenting a new system that will take photos, record video, and capture fingerprints of ne’er-do-wells who snatch iPhones.  [More]