4 Times Apple Shot Itself In The Foot Trying To Reach Streaming TV Deals

Apple revolutionized the music market with the iPod and iTunes, then made traditional cellphones and laptops a thing of the past with the iPhone, yet it’s lagging behind Sony, Dish — and soon AT&T/DirecTV — in introducing a cable-replacement live-TV streaming service. Not for lack of trying. In fact, a new report claims that Apple has been trying too hard and has repeatedly talked its way out of giving cord-cutters an Apple video option. [More]


Sprint’s Parent Company Spending $32 Billion To Buy A Piece Of Everyone’s Phones

A big tech deal was announced between two international companies today. Japan-based SoftBank bought UK-based ARM for $32 billion, a sentence that’s meaningless to most of us. But put another way, it starts to make a whole lot more sense: the company that owns Sprint just bought the company that makes the parts that make your iPhone actually work. [More]


Apple Getting Into TV With Reality Competition Show About App Developers

If hours spent staring at your iPhone/Apple Watch/iPad/Mac isn’t giving you enough from Apple, the technology giant has a new offering in the works, with its first TV show, a reality competition featuring app developers duking it out for featured placement in the App Store. So it’s like Game of Thrones, just with more branding, a bunch of people wielding tech instead of swords, and no brutal battles to the death (we think). [More]

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Apple Adds Organ Donor Registration To Health App

Most of us are probably fairly familiar with the idea of signing up to be (or not to be) an organ donor when renewing our driver’s license. Apple’s working to take the Department of Motor Vehicles out of the equation by pushing organ donor registration with its new operating system. [More]


Apple May Be Buying Tidal, Blocking Spotify Update

Apple is having a busy week, according to recent reports: Jay-Z’s streaming music service Tidal could be joining Tim Cook and friends in the near future, while another rival service claims the tech company is blocking update to its apps to push people into the arms of Apple Music. [More]

Apple Pulling The Plug On The Only Computer Monitor It Makes

Apple Pulling The Plug On The Only Computer Monitor It Makes

It looks like Apple is done with the standalone monitor business: the company confirmed it won’t make any more Thunderbolt Displays, so once the existing inventory is sold, that’s all there is. [More]

Adam Fagen

Apple To Begin Issuing Refunds In E-Book Settlement Case June 22

Three months after the Supreme Court left Apple on the hook for $450 million in the settlement of a 2012 antitrust case against the company and five major book publishers, the tech giant is poised to begin handing out payments to customers starting tomorrow.  [More]

Apple Will Finally Let iOS Users Delete Some Of Those “Junk Drawer” Apps

Apple Will Finally Let iOS Users Delete Some Of Those “Junk Drawer” Apps

As it was foretold, so it has apparently come to pass: with the upcoming release of its new iOS 10, Apple will finally let people delete some of those default apps they never use, you know, the ones in your “Crap I Don’t Use” folder. [More]

Apple Makes Siri More Useful, Opens It Up To Developers

Apple Makes Siri More Useful, Opens It Up To Developers

With Google making its voice-activated assistant becoming increasingly conversational, and Amazon’s Alexa learning how to gauge your emotional feedback, Apple is making its Siri virtual assistant more competitive by opening it up to developers of third-party apps. [More]


Police: Thief Dressed Like Apple Employee Walks Out Of NYC Store With 19 iPhones

In the movies, thieves are always donning clever, complicated disguises to skulk about and commit foul deeds. But it turns out, you don’t even need a fake mustache and a fedora to go undetected if you have the right shirt on. [More]

Chinese Tech Company You May Have Never Heard Of Plans To Be Bigger Than Samsung Or Apple

Chinese Tech Company You May Have Never Heard Of Plans To Be Bigger Than Samsung Or Apple

If you’re reading this on a smartphone in the U.S., odds are high that you’re using either an Apple iPhone or one of Samsung’s many Android-based devices. However, Samsung’s sales are flat and Apple’s phone sales are declining, all the while China’s Huawei is drinking their milkshake. [More]


Bill Requiring Security Backdoors On Phones & Other Devices Appears To Be DOA

Last month, Senators Diane Feinstein of California and Richard Burr of North Carolina were set to bring forth legislation that would end the debate on whether companies like Apple should help law enforcement unlock users’ devices, by requiring them to do so. In spite of the bipartisan, high-level sponsorship and the spotlight of the disputes between Apple and the Justice Department, it looks like this controversial legislation may never even be formally introduced. [More]

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Apple Isn’t Going To Become A Mobile Carrier After All

Last year, Apple denied reports that it was testing mobile phone service, planning to become a mobile virtual network operator, or re-seller of service from a major carrier’s network. By doing that, Apple could sell phones and service to customers directly all over the world, cutting out customers’ direct relationships with carriers. [More]

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Apple Sent Two Technicians To Investigate Music Download Deletions

When your Apple product starts acting up, maybe you go the Genius Bar, maybe you call tech support, maybe you just ask a friend for advice. Or maybe, if your blog post about Apple Music apparently deleting thousands of downloaded files makes national news headlines, two Apple techs come knocking on your door.  [More]

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Government Asks Wireless Manufacturers & Carriers About Device Security Updates

At the same time as their counterparts at the Justice Department are trying to circumvent smartphone security, the folks at the FCC and the Federal Trade Commission are talking to manufacturers about how to make these devices more secure. [More]

That's not what I want, App Store.

Apple’s App Store Is Having Some Serious Issues Finding Popular Apps Right Now

UPDATE: As of about noon on the east coast, the App Store seems to have sorted itself out. I was able to search for Tidal and actually get the music app, instead of an app to track the tide. [More]

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Court: Apple Has To Share The iPhone Name With Chinese Accessories Company

A Chinese company that peddles purses and wallets bearing the IPHONE name has the right to keep selling those products, despite Apple’s efforts to keep the trademark all for itself. [More]

Dish Will Send Someone To Your House To Fix Your Broken iPhone

Dish Will Send Someone To Your House To Fix Your Broken iPhone

One of the most annoying things about breaking your phone is having to go somewhere and wait in line to get it fixed. There’s another, unexpected option now for iPhone users who have shattered their device’s screens or need help with a dead battery: satellite provider Dish has launched a new repair service that sends a technician to wherever the customer is. [More]