Scammer Does A Decent Job Of Making Floor Tile Look Like An iPad

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: When you’re buying an iPad at a deep discount from a complete stranger off the street, don’t be surprised when you end up with a box of useless junk. And even when that friendly back-alley retailer shows you what appears — through layers of bubble wrap — to be the real deal, be warned that it’s probably just a tarted-up floor tile. [More]


Plain Boxes & Hens Wandering In The Yard Do Not Free Range Eggs Make

There are very good reasons why many countries have governing bodies checking to make sure that what the business says it’s selling, it’s actually selling. But one couple in England thought they could pull a fast one on customers and regulators when they ran low on free-range eggs, aided with a bunch of chickens wandering in a yard and some plain packaging. [More]