Grocery Shrink Ray Strikes Aldi Bread, Gillette Anti-Perspirant

Grocery Shrink Ray Strikes Aldi Bread, Gillette Anti-Perspirant

The Grocery Shrink Ray quietly removes almost imperceptible bits of our packaged goods, gradually shrinking some products over time so manufacturers can avoid raising prices. Once you’re aware of it, you begin to notice it every time you buy a slightly smaller replacement for a product that you use regularly. Two readers who bought bread and deodorant noticed exactly that. [More]

Fight Sweat Stains

Fight Sweat Stains

As the temps turn up, so do the faucets located in your armpits. This can lead to unsightly and embarrassing sweat stains that can ruin your life, or so I’ve been led to believe by those Sure commercials. So how do you ward off and fight the sweat stains?