More Adventures In Advanced Anti-Capitalism With Sears

More Adventures In Advanced Anti-Capitalism With Sears

Sears doesn’t want Nat’s business. They don’t want my business. They don’t want anyone’s business. They may continue to exist as a commercial entity, but that’s because they’re one of two things: an advanced anti-capitalist prank, or a massive real estate holding company that continues running stores out of a sense of nostalgia while they wait for the market to pick back up. But they don’t want to actually sell anyone anything, as Nat learned when he tried to order a camera that only appeared to be in stock. Anywhere.


The Bonfire Of The Brands Went Down

For your daily infusion of idiotic anti-capitalism, we present this video of the Bonfire of the Brands — an August 8th anti-corporate conflagration conducted by Neil Boorman, who we wrote about in May.