another brick in the walmart part iii

Currently, visitors to reach a standard homepage with no personalization and few things to buy.

Walmart Website To Get Amazon-Like Overhaul

For years, logged-in Amazon users have gone to the e-tailer’s homepage and been greeted with all manner of personalized recommendations based on previous purchases, ratings, and searches. Meanwhile, visitors to got… whatever Walmart wanted to put on its homepage. Now the nation’s largest retailer has hopes to out-Amazon Amazon with the rollout of personalized recommendations. [More]

Walmart Trying Again To Break Into New York City

Walmart Trying Again To Break Into New York City

While Walmart has managed to install outlets in just about every major city in the country, the retail behemoth has never been able to crack the shell of New York City’s five boroughs, though it has tried on two recent occasions. A new report claims that Walmart is hoping the third time is the charm, as they look into a spot for a new store in Brooklyn. [More]