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Ann Taylor Scrambles My Data With My Friend’s, Shrugs

Patty set out to make a purchase from Ann Taylor Loft. Her friend who lives in a different state did not. And yet, their data is somehow tangled. Patty’s friend’s credit card info is part of Patty’s Ann Taylor account record, and no one has any idea why. [More]

This Sale Depends On What The Meaning Of "Everything" Is

This Sale Depends On What The Meaning Of "Everything" Is

If you see signage in a store that says “40% off everything,” what do you assume that might mean? While shopping at Ann Taylor Loft, Mike had this wild idea that such signs mean that everything in the store is marked down 40%. He was wrong. The sale specifically excluded new spring merchandise in one corner of the store…which most of the store signage failed to mention. [More]