Toyota's New Pitch Woman Is Unreal

Toyota's New Pitch Woman Is Unreal

Meet Toyota’s new TV pitch woman: Hatsune Miku, a young Japanese singer who has been extremely popular in her homeland. She’s also a computer-generated anime character.


Why Sells Japanese Cartoon Porn

Why Sells Japanese Cartoon Porn

Here’s the real deal on why there was Japaneses cartoon porn on, much of it of the homosexual male, or, as its known to connoisseurs,”yaoi” variety. Selling A Whole Bunch More Porn Selling A Whole Bunch More Porn

If you’re sad about Walmart pulling your gay anime porn, they still sell gay cowboy porn, and lesbian manga, egyptian porn, j-boy erotica, homosexual school porn, and gay pedophile porn, screencaps inside…

Walmart: Sorry About That Porn

Walmart: Sorry About That Porn

Walmart and Target Sell Anime Porn

Walmart and Target Sell Anime Porn

Amazon Listens: Fixes X-Rated ‘Anime’ Search Snafu

We won! Maybe! At least, we’ll take the credit! Good ol’ Amazon listened to our complaints about mixing x-rated hentai when doing searches for hentai and has quickly fixed the problem. Performing a search for anime now returns only the most wholesome of results, while searching for ‘hentai’ returns all the tentacles and demon incest that we hold so dear.

Amazon Pushes X-Rated Animation as ‘Anime’

Amazon Pushes X-Rated Animation as ‘Anime’

Imagine the outrage from parents if the first returned product on Amazon in a search for ‘movies’ returned a hardcore pornography DVD. Adam, a fan of the Japanese cartoon stories known as ‘anime,’ has noticed something perhaps even worse: Searches for ‘anime’ on Amazon return results for ‘hentai,’ or adult, X-rated anime films. The top result [as pictured] is for a hentai film called ‘Princess 69,’ which as a reviewer describes as such:

If you’re into non-con, excellent animation, girls going down on girls… you might like this. I don’t much care for the enema or watersports parts of this film, but the facial expressions are priceless and lovely. These girls have the most wonderful “I am shocked, my mind has cracked by what is being done to me” expresions, they cry tears, they are bound, taped, mildly electrocuted, made to “initiate” new members, and brutally given sex.

Now we have absolutely no problem with Amazon selling Japanese animation for adults; We know that some cartoons are made with adult themes for adults’ enjoyment. But what we don’t understand is why Amazon needlessly conflates anime and hentai. Many anime fans, often already scorned as creeps by those not familiar with the range of themes offered by mainstream anime, are worried that Amazon’s lack of distinction between anime and hentai will both further the perception that all anime fans are also fans of hentai, as well as put children looking for traditional anime titles in an awkward position.