Study: Fast-Paced Cartoons Mess With Kids' Minds

Study: Fast-Paced Cartoons Mess With Kids' Minds

SpongeBob SquarePants and other silly, rapid-fire cartoons have come under the cross hairs of the research community, with a study finding that 4-year-olds who watch a cartoon fitting the description of SpongeBob SquarePants had more trouble immediately performing cognitive tasks and maintaining self-control than those in two other groups, one of which watched a slower-paced cartoon while the other spent time drawing.


Hey! Walt Disney Reuses Animation Sequences!

Hey! Walt Disney Reuses Animation Sequences!

We were fascinated to discover today that Walt Disney reused animation cycles across different movies—the characters are unique (sorta) but the motions are cel for cel copies. It looks like the movies that reuse animation are from that infamous era in the 70s and 80s when Disney’s animation unit cut too many corners and churned out less “classic” fare. Well, they were copying classics—shouldn’t that count for something? Video clip below.

How To Use The Telephone

A 1927 film by the genius Fleischer brothers on the trials and travails of using that new-fangled bananamaphone doodad. Also starring Mr. Natural! Don’t check your speakers, it’s silent. Warning to PC types unable to put this in the context of history and enjoy it anyway: at one point, a gratuitous black stereotype is almost eaten by a lion. Simply roll your eyes and move on: the Fleischers are probably rotting in hell for their insensitivity as we speak.

The Remarkable Advertisements of Don Hertzfeldt

Whether or not this is safe for work depends on what your boss thinks of anthropomorphical squiggles with bleeding anuses.

Stunning MTV HD Ad Something to Crow About

Stunning work from the wunderlab that is the Psyop motion graphics studio.