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Roosting crock pots. (MBQ)

6 Tips To Maximize Your Slow Cooker Recipes

One of the only possible bright sides of an interminable winter? Cooking up something delicious, warm and filling in your slow cooker or crockpot all day. Then come dinner time, filling your belly with not only food, but the sense of a job well done. But are you making the best stew/soup/casserole you could be? [More]

America's Test Kitchen Picks The Best Commuter Mugs

America's Test Kitchen Picks The Best Commuter Mugs

While watching TV yesterday and moaning about how lazy we are, we saw a review of commuter mugs (free registration required) on “America’s Test Kitchen”: “We ordered 11 mugs of different materials, shapes, and sipping structures and organized a battery of tests designed to define the ideal mug, which left us feeling a little like test drivers as we careened around corners trying to spill the coffee or dislodge the mugs.” (Yes, they like the royal “we” too!) See their testing criteria, as well as their top two picks, bottom rung losers, and oddball favorite after the jump.