Baby seems skeptical of this lint brush thing.

Amazon’s Dash Device: Speak Or Scan Grocery, Household Items Onto A Grocery List

In case your closet full of gadgets and gizmos isn’t quite stocked to the overflowing brim just yet, here’s another Internet connected doodad: Amazon has launched a device called the Amazon Dash that’s basically a stick you can talk into or use to scan groceries and household items to add them to your grocery list. [More]


Time To Speculate Over Whether Or Not Amazon Is Expanding Its Grocery Service

That incessant buzzing you hear emanating from the East Coast is a hive of gossipy grocery customers wondering if AmazonFresh will be coming to New York City. It would be a boon to citizens of the land where stocking up on food supplies is a thrice-weekly (at least) lesson in pain endurance due nine plastic bags cutting off your arm circulation/will to live. There’s mysterious hiring going on at a super secret Amazon New Jersey warehouse, so a whole bunch of tongues are wagging. [via All Things D]


Amazon Expands Grocery Delivery Service, To Offer $299 ‘Prime Fresh’ Subscriptions

Amazon Expands Grocery Delivery Service, To Offer $299 ‘Prime Fresh’ Subscriptions

After several years of testing grocery delivery service in Seattle, the online retailer has expanded its AmazonFresh program to Los Angeles. Customers in the L.A. area will also be able to try out Amazon’s new “Prime Fresh” plan that offers same-day or overnight service of groceries and other items. [More]