Apple Reportedly Looking To Create Competitor To Amazon Echo

Apple Reportedly Looking To Create Competitor To Amazon Echo

With the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, Apple led the charge to make new personal digital products accessible, popular, and now all but necessary. But the electronics giant may now be playing catch-up to Amazon in the connected-home market, as the e-tailer’s Echo device and its various spinoffs become more affordable and functional. Now comes news that Apple is looking to build a connected-home speaker/assistant of its own to go head-to-head with Echo. [More]

Amazon Wants To Take Over Your Photo Printing, Too

Amazon Wants To Take Over Your Photo Printing, Too

Perhaps you store your photos using Amazon’s Prime Photos service, or you use Amazon Drive for your disk backups. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could just have Amazon print those photos out for you, in prints or in photo books? Today, Amazon announced its new Prints service, which is exactly what it sounds like. [More]


Job Listings, Tax Collection Give Away Amazon Plans For Stores In Boston, Washington D.C.

After starting in Seattle and San Diego, slowly coming to the parts of the country that face the Pacific, Amazon seems ready to head east. Recent developments in Beantown and our nation’s capital indicate that the massive online retailer seems ready to build new brick-and-mortar stores on the more Atlantic side of things. [More]

The First Choice Amazon Gives You To Buy Isn’t Necessarily The Cheapest

The First Choice Amazon Gives You To Buy Isn’t Necessarily The Cheapest

E-commerce giant Amazon prides itself on being a customer-centric company, but in Amazon’s world, that generally means encouraging its shoppers and its third-party merchants to buy more services from Amazon. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing for consumers, but it doesn’t mean that we get the cheapest prices, either. [More]


Video Shows Amazon Delivery Guy’s Friend Stealing Package Right After It’s Delivered

We’ve seen strangers and passers-by swipe packages right off the front porch of someone’s house, but it’s not as often that we find delivery workers teaming up with their friends to steal the goods they just dropped off. [More]

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Colleges Give Up On Bookstores, Just Send Students To Amazon

Amazon pickup points on college campuses, which have been sprouting up at schools across the country, have two purposes: they exist to alleviate the strain that college students with Prime memberships put on campus mail services, and to help kill college bookstores. Bookstores are responding: not with price-matching or anything wacky like that, but by dropping books from their merchandise assortment. [More]

Amazon Throws In Free Access To Audible Channels, Free Audio Books As Prime Perks

Amazon Throws In Free Access To Audible Channels, Free Audio Books As Prime Perks

In an attempt to encourage more folks to sign up for its Prime program, Amazon is throwing a few new perks on the table for members, complimentary access to the company’s new short-form digital audio service called Audible Channels, and free audio books. [More]

Amazon’s Alexa May Get The Ability To Talk Without Being Spoken To First

Amazon’s Alexa May Get The Ability To Talk Without Being Spoken To First

As it stands right now, Amazon Echo is the well-behaved child your grandparents might have approved of: it doesn’t speak until spoken to. But soon Alexa could be piping up to offer information without being prompted first. [More]

Report: Amazon To Open 100 Pop-Up Stores In Next Year

Report: Amazon To Open 100 Pop-Up Stores In Next Year

Two years after Amazon opened two real-life seasonal pop-up stores in San Francisco and Sacramento, the company is reportedly working on a plan to open 100 more of the limited-run stores.  [More]


Report: Amazon Seeks Rights To Stream Live Sporting Events

What can Amazon do to draw more customers to its Prime service, which combines shipping discounts with streaming video and other perks in a $99/year subscription? Amazon is reportedly negotiating to carry live streaming video for Prime customers, potentially including events like tennis, golf, soccer, rugby, and auto racing, [More]

Amazon Alexa Goes Mobile, But Only On Amazon Tablets

Amazon’s 2016 strategy seems to be “put Alexa everywhere possible.” The digital assistant has been popping up in all manner of hardware of late. The newest is both the most and least surprising: the most because it’s finally a mobile device, but the least because it’s one manufactured by Amazon itself.


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Amazon Cuts Shipping Time For Overseas Manufacturers

When ordering a product from another country, say, China, you might expect to wait a few weeks or even a month for the product to show up on your doorstep. If you order from Amazon, it’ll arrive in five days. Or at least that’s the new deadline the e-commerce giant has recently given the makers and suppliers of small items.  [More]


Why Does My Amazon Order Have A Walmart Or Target Shipping Order Inside?

It doesn’t happen a lot, especially if you’re an Amazon Prime member, but occasionally if you order an item from an Amazon third-party seller you might end up with an item shipped in a Target box, or containing a shipping receipt from Walmart. It’s not illegal or a scam, but it probably means you paid more than you should have. [More]

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Lenovo Says It’s Talked With Amazon About Bringing Alexa To PCs

We’ve gotten used to Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa adding new capabilities to her repertoire, like buying Prime-eligible products, paying credit card bills, ordering pizza, and then leading workouts to exercise off said pizza, but thus far she’s done it all from within the Amazon’s line of devices like the Echo and Echo Dot. That might be changing. [More]


Amazon No Longer Marketing Private Student Loans To Prime Members

Just a month after Amazon announced it would partner with Wells Fargo to offer Prime members a discount on private student loans, nearly all traces of the criticized program have disappeared.  [More]

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Amazon May Or May Not Be Trying To Overtake UPS And FedEx

When you see a UPS or FedEx truck in your neighborhood on a weekday, or a U.S. Postal Service truck on a Sunday, they’re probably there with some kind of delivery from an online retailer, and that retailer is likely to be Amazon. As more of our everyday shopping happens online, someone will need to bring those items to our doorsteps, but it may not necessarily be the carriers we’re used to. [More]

Amazon Echo Will Let You Control Sonos Speakers

Amazon Echo Will Let You Control Sonos Speakers

The Amazon Echo has a decent voice-controlled “assistant” in Alexa; too bad the speaker itself isn’t so great. Meanwhile, Sonos makes decent, web-connected speakers but without any voice control. You see where we’re going with this? [More]


Amazon Testing A 30-Hour Work Week For Some Employees

The dream of the four-day workweek is alive at Amazon, where the company is testing out a plan that has certain teams of workers on a part-time schedule. [More]