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Amazon’s Likely First Move At Whole Foods: Bring In Warehouse Robots

When Amazon and Whole Foods announced that they were getting hitched in the corporate sense, the benefits for both sides were obvious. Amazon would acquire its way into a grocery distribution network and hundreds of stores with upscale customers, and Whole Foods would get a parent company at the forefront of retail technology. What’s likely to be first up for Whole Foods? Warehouse robots. [More]

Amazon Patents Ridiculous, Terrifying Towers To House Delivery Drones

Amazon Patents Ridiculous, Terrifying Towers To House Delivery Drones

Because the notion of automated flying robots delivering dog food to your doorstep is something straight out of the Jetsons, it sort of makes sense that Amazon has a very retro vision for the towers that could house its Prime Air delivery drones. [More]


Will Any Other Big Companies Make A Bid For Whole Foods?

Although Amazon announced last week that it would be buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, it’s far from a done deal. And in the time it takes to complete such a large merger, there could be a few other players who decide to belly up to the table and make a bid for the grocery chain. [More]


To Fight Counterfeits, Nike Will Sell Shoes And Gear Directly Through Amazon

Amazon already has an interest in cutting down on third-party sellers who offer counterfeit or knock-off products, but one way for a brand to really get Amazon to care about fakes is for that brand to start selling directly to customers through Amazon.



Walmart Telling Some Vendors To Stop Using Amazon’s Web Services

You may not know it, but a large number of websites use Amazon Web Services cloud servers to host their online content. Even though Walmart doesn’t offer anything that competes with this aspect of Amazon’s business, the retailer apparently dislikes the online giant so much that it doesn’t want its tech vendors supporting Amazon by using AWS. [More]

Amazon’s “Prime Wardrobe” Lets Customers Try Clothing Before Buying

Amazon’s “Prime Wardrobe” Lets Customers Try Clothing Before Buying

One of the biggest problems with ordering clothing online is that you can’t actually try on items before you buy them. Amazon seems to think it has the answer in its new Prime Wardrobe offering that sends a box full of clothes for customers to try out before actually buying them… but you’ll still have to deal with the hassle of returning the items if they don’t work out. [More]


Amazon Merger “Not A Tinder Relationship” Says Gaga Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

What a difference $13.7 billion makes. Last week, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey had some choice words for investors who were urging him to sell the company, calling them “greedy bastards.” But after Amazon has announced it’s buying the grocery chain for a tidy sum, Mackey is whistling quite a different tune. [More]

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Could GrubHub Be Amazon’s Next Big Purchase?

On Friday, Amazon announced that it would be acquiring Whole Foods, an upscale grocery chain with stores across the country. Once that deal is complete and the companies have settled into their new relationship, what might Amazon want to acquire next? One investment analyst suggests that maybe what the Everything Store needs next is some food delivery. [More]

Consumer Reports

What Will Whole Foods Be Like After Amazon Takes Over?

Now that Jeff Bezos has ordered himself a few billion dollars’ worth of groceries with the purchase of Whole Foods, everyone is wondering what Amazon will do with the 465 stores it will soon own. [More]

Consumer Reports

Amazon Buying Whole Foods For $13.7 Billion

Amazon really, really wants to sell you groceries. But starting a new grocery service — especially online — from scratch is hard. It seems, however, Amazon has found a solution: Just buy a well-known chain that already operates nationwide, instead. [More]

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Kroger Slashing Prices On Milk, Eggs To Keep Up In Heated Grocery War

With foreign newcomers like Lidl and Aldi landing on our shores, and online services like Amazon creeping onto an already crowded grocery battlefield, traditional grocers are willing to do whatever they can to keep customers coming back. At Kroger, that means slashing prices on popular staples like milk and eggs, in an effort to signal to customers that their stores have the best deals on the everyday items they need. [More]

Updated Amazon Dash Wand Includes Alexa, Is Basically Free For Prime Members

Updated Amazon Dash Wand Includes Alexa, Is Basically Free For Prime Members

Since Amazon first debuted the Dash Wand in 2014, the tool has gone from a stick that could add grocery items to your shopping list to a $49 stick that lets Prime members order anything Amazon sells. In the latest update, Amazon is basically making the wand free (for Prime subscribers), integrating its Alexa digital assistant, and giving users the power to buy their items directly instead of having to check out on Amazon’s site. [More]

Some IKEA Products Are Now Available On Amazon

Some IKEA Products Are Now Available On Amazon

Well, that was fast: Not even a week after an IKEA executive said the company would start selling products online through third-party vendors sometime next year, various IKEA items have popped up for sale on Amazon. [More]

Amazon Changed Its Prime Logo And People Don’t Know How To Feel

Amazon Changed Its Prime Logo And People Don’t Know How To Feel

Whether it’s a big change or a barely recognizable tweak, when a company changes its logo, people are going to notice — and odds are, some of those folks are going to hate it. Case in point: Amazon has redesigned its Prime logo ever so slightly, and many people are unsure how to feel about the change. [More]

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Amazon Offers Discounted Monthly Prime Membership For Some Low Income Customers

Americans who receive assistance from the government could soon receive a bit from Amazon, too: The e-commerce giant announced that it will provide a monthly Prime membership discount to customers who have an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. [More]


Report: Amazon Is Working On An Android Phone (Yes, Again)

Not one to let its past spectacular phone failure to get in the way, Amazon is reportedly working on a new smartphone that would run on Android, codenamed “Ice.” Because all know that naming its phone Fire didn’t work out so great in the past. [More]

Amazon Wants To Turn Shipping Labels Into Little Parachutes For Drone Deliveries

Amazon Wants To Turn Shipping Labels Into Little Parachutes For Drone Deliveries

What if package delivery drones didn’t have to actually land to make their deliveries, and instead just dropped their cargo near your home and flew away? Amazon recently filed several variations on parachutes — in the form of shipping labels — that would soften your package’s landing. [More]


How To Get Your Refund From Amazon For Your Kids’ Unauthorized In-App Purchases

If you’ve been waiting patiently for a refund from Amazon for in-app purchases your kids made without your permission, your time has come. [More]