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Amazon Unintentionally Paying Scammers To Hand You 1000 Pages Of Crap You Don’t Read

For a certain kind of reader — the kind who can go through three books a week easy on her commute, let’s say — an unlimited subscription, wireless, e-book service sounds like a dream come true. That’s what Amazon promises with their Kindle Unlimited service, but the plan may be backfiring — not so much on readers, but on authors and on Amazon itself. [More]

Are Airport X-Ray Machines Killing Kindles?

Are Airport X-Ray Machines Killing Kindles?

The Amazon Kindle and other similar e-readers can be quite convenient for frequent air travelers who want to fly without packing heavy or bulky books. But some European jet-setters are reporting that run-ins with airport X-ray machines are killing their Kindles. [More]

Amazon Begins Selling Kindle Books With Text To Speech Disabled

Amazon Begins Selling Kindle Books With Text To Speech Disabled

As promised, Amazon has begun to implement the text to speech (TTS) flag that lets authors and their publishers turn off the “read it to me” feature of books on the Kindle. MobileRead members note that Toni Morrison’s A Mercy and Stephen King’s The Stand both have TTS disabled, and it seems to be on an author-by-author basis instead of by publisher or imprint.