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Researchers Detect Early Stages Of Alzheimer’s Disease In Mice With An Eye Exam

Could it be possible to detect Alzheimer’s disease in the early stages with just an eye exam? That’s the possibility researchers are floating after they were able to spot signs of Alzheimer’s in the retinas of mice using a special, non-invasive camera. [More]

Scientists Find Cancer Drug Can Put Alzheimer's On The Ropes In Mice

Researchers continue to deliver promising news for patients stricken with Alzheimer’s disease. Months after scientists found that an insulin nasal spray slowed the disease’s progression, there’s evidence that a skin cancer drug managed to reverse the disease in mice. [More]

Nasal Spray Gives Hope To Alzheimer's Patients

Nasal Spray Gives Hope To Alzheimer's Patients

Researchers have found the daily dose of an insulin nasal spray may hinder the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in patients. A four-month study in Seattle found that the treatment improved memory and protected cognition and functional abilities of patients. [More]