Lawmaker Questions Airlines, Plane Manufacturers On Cybersecurity Measures

Lawmaker Questions Airlines, Plane Manufacturers On Cybersecurity Measures

Eight months after a government report found that airplanes with WiFi connections may be vulnerable to cyber attacks and seven months after a hacker claimed to have commandeered a United Airlines flight via the plane’s in-flight entertainment system, one lawmaker wants to know just what airlines are doing to protect their computer systems — and passengers.  [More]

Pilot Says He Was Fired For Evacuating Smoky Plane

Pilot Says He Was Fired For Evacuating Smoky Plane

Allegiant Air — already in the spotlight over repair issues, onboard fires, and safety concerns from those who fly the airline’s planes — now stands accused of firing a pilot because he evacuated his aircraft after crew and passengers detected smoke in the cabin. [More]

Allegiant Air Pilots Once Again Raise Concerns With Airline’s Safety Practices

Allegiant Air Pilots Once Again Raise Concerns With Airline’s Safety Practices

Pilots of Nevada-based budget carrier Allegiant Air are once again expressing their concerns that the airline’s bare minimum approach to maintenance and operations comes at the cost of passenger safety, this time in a letter to the company’s board of directors. [More]

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Airline’s Pilots Warn Passengers Of Safety Concerns

In an open letter to their passengers, the pilots of Nevada-based budget carrier Allegiant Air have gone public with their concerns about what they see as sagging service and safety standards for the airlines. [More]

Which Airlines Have The Most Comfortable Coach Seats?


“Oh, goodie! I get to sit in coach for X amount of hours! I can’t wait to stretch out and relax,” said no one ever before flying, because in economy class, luxurious leg room and a sweet ratio of cushion to rump comfort is not what you’re paying for. That being said, some airlines are better at pleasing our behinds than others, according to a new poll released this week. [More]


Sorry, Being Dead Isn’t A Good Enough Excuse For A Refund From Allegiant Air

A man in Washington state who had planned to spend his birthday this year at Disneyland instead got to spend it planning a funeral. What a crappy exchange. He had to cancel a planned trip to Disneyland because his wife suddenly became ill and died around Christmas. Allegiant Air should have no problem refunding round-trip tickets when one of the passengers died before the flight, right? Nope.  [More]

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Here’s Why You Should Book Multi-Stop Flights Together

When a family member is ill and you need to make emergency travel arrangements, two things are important: getting there quickly, and not emptying your entire wallet to make those last-minute arrangements. One traveler on Allegiant Air thought that he had beat the system and made fast travel arrangements while saving money, but it wasn’t that simple. He ended up stranded with no recourse to get a refund. [More]


Joining The Mile-High Club Earns Couple A Date With Federal Court

As long as there are planes and people, the mile-high club is going to exist despite the best efforts of flight attendants. But while many choose to act out this rite of plane passage, as it were, in the plane’s lavatories, one couple apparently decided that dodging under a blanket would do just fine. They’ve both just pleaded guilty to a federal misdemeanor as a result. [More]

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We Hope You Didn’t Book Your Weekend Getaway On Allegiant

Allegiant isn’t the biggest name in travel, but for some people, it’s an affordable lifeline to connect them to bigger airlines and airports. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a snag at the airline right now, as it has grounded about half of its fleet for a “compliance issue.” [More]

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Plane Full Of People Stuck On Tarmac Believe They Can Fly, Believe They Can Touch The Sky

Thirsty, hot passengers, holding on by a thread after suffering through the travel nightmare of a hot plane grounded on a tarmac. There was nowhere for them to go but into the magical world of song, where anything is possible, where they believe… well, they believe they can fly. They believe, in fact, that they can touch the sky, right along with R. Kelly. [More]

Sorry Airlines, Court Says You Have To Tell The Truth About Airfares

Sorry Airlines, Court Says You Have To Tell The Truth About Airfares

In the last year or so, the U.S. Dept of Transportation has instituted a number of new rules — like requiring airlines to include all known taxes and fees in its advertised prices — aimed at adding more transparency to airfares. Some carriers, especially discount airlines that love to advertise a bottom-dollar price with oodles of fine print hiding the fact that it’s not such a good price, have challenged these changes. But today, a U.S. appeals court sided with federal regulators (and common sense). [More]

Allegiant Air Fined $100K For Running Afoul Of DOT's New Airline Rules

It’s been less than a month since the Department of Transportation’s new rules requiring airlines to advertise full fares and other guidelines protecting consumers went into effect, and already Allegiant Air is in deep trouble, to the tune of $100,000, for violating those mandates. [More]

Hotel Books Guest Too Young To Check In: Now What?

Hotel Books Guest Too Young To Check In: Now What?

Alex booked a flight/hotel package on the Allegiant Air that included a stay at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. The problem? He’s only 19, and you have to be 21 or older to check in there. So just call and cancel the reservation, right? It’s not that simple, because he’s afraid that the flight reservation will be canceled too if he nixes the hotel part of the package. [More]

Family Kicked Off Flight For Misbehaving Kids, No Refund

Family Kicked Off Flight For Misbehaving Kids, No Refund

An Arizona mom says she was flying to Billings, Montana for her birthday — but never got off the ground because the airline kicked her — and her unruly kids off the flight. They were told they could take another flight — if they paid for it. The airline says it’s their policy not to offer refunds.