About that Canon you wanted to replace me with...

Bad News: Canon Printer/Scanner/Copier/Ink Cartridge Devices Also Won’t Scan With No Ink

Yesterday, we posted reader Venkat’s story about his Epson all-in-one refusing to scan because the printer cartridge was empty. He vowed to shun Epson forevermore, and that he would replace his old printer with a Canon. Well, about that… Two different readers wrote in to let us know that Canon all-in-one devices are also ink cartridge-selling devices as opposed to all-in-one printer/scanner/copiers. [More]

About that Canon you wanted to replace me with...

My Epson All-In-One Needs Ink To Scan To A USB Drive

Imagine that you have one of those combination toaster oven-coffee machines that exist for some reason. You don’t have any more coffee in the house, but that’s okay, because you can still use it to make toast. Right? All-in-one printers don’t work on that principle. Venkat’s Epson Workforce 610 could still work as a perfectly serviceable scanner, but it can’t. Because Epson has made sure that if it doesn’t have a full inkjet cartridge in it right this minute, he can’t scan. [More]


Epson Sells Me Paper That Jams My Smudgy Printer, Hangs Up On Me

John bought his new Epson printer just a few months ago. He’s now attempted to use it to print photos twice, and neither attempt was successful. He found tech support discouraging: they hung up on him twice, then referred him to another office. Then, mysteriously, he was unable to log in to his account: the site told him that it didn’t exist. At this point, he’d rather be rid of the printer entirely. [More]


My Printer Is Holding My Document Hostage For A Light Cyan Ink Cartridge

Brandon’s Epson color inkjet printer/scanner/fax machine is holding his document hostage. Its sole demand: a fresh light cyan ink cartridge. It didn’t matter that he was trying to print the document in grayscale and that there was a perfectly good black cartridge already loaded. If he doesn’t add a new light cyan cartridge, he’ll never get his receipt. [More]

Your Epson All-In-One Will Arbitrarily Self-Destruct Once It Prints Enough Pages

Your Epson All-In-One Will Arbitrarily Self-Destruct Once It Prints Enough Pages

When the Epson all-in-one device that Steve bought for his mother failed, the error message indicated that the ink pads were worn out. Simple enough: Just replace the ink pads, right? Wrong. When the printer decides, somewhat arbitrarily, that the pads are worn out, that puts the whole device out of commission. It could still be used as a scanner, or to send outbound faxes. But not when the ink pads are worn out. When that happens, you have to throw the whole thing out and buy a new one. [More]