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WordSmart agreed to settle charges of making false and unsubstantiated claims related to the benefits of its educational products.

FTC: WordSmart’s Claims To Improve Students’ Test Scores Aren’t Exactly Truthful

Every parent wants their child to have the best possible chance of getting into a good college. Sometimes that includes enlisting the help of educational programs to boost their college admittance scores. But millions of consumers who tried to find that assistance from WordSmart Corporation only saw a decrease in their bank accounts. [More]

Dish Sues DirecTV Over Copy Cat Ad

Dish Sues DirecTV Over Copy Cat Ad

A few weeks after DirecTV filed a lawsuit against rival Dish Network alleging that Dish made fale claims in their “Why Pay More?” TV ads, Dish has turned around and filed a counter claim against DirecTV for copying those same ads in their new TV campaign. [More]