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(John Kittelsrud)

JFK Security Employees Say Post-Flight Inspections Aren’t Always Thorough To Avoid Delays

You know how when you’re standing around your gate waiting to board, and the previous flight’s passengers come streaming out, and everyone is chomping at the bit and restlessly stirring, waiting for their turn to get on the plane? During that time, security employees are supposed to be inspecting the flight for anything left behind like say, weapons or explosives. But according to John F. Kennedy International Airport security workers, those checks aren’t as thorough as they’re supposed to be. [More]

Guy Who Helped Create TSA Wants To Kill It

Guy Who Helped Create TSA Wants To Kill It

Of all the critics the Transportation Security Administration has attracted, one of the last naysayers you’d expect to see would be a politician who had a hand in creating the bureau. But according to a conservative site, the Republican chairman of the House Transportation Committee who sponsored the bill that led to the establishment of the TSA in 2002 wants to dismantle and privatize the organization. [More]