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United Airlines Adding More Free Food To The Menu On Transatlantic Flights

Your next Transatlantic flight could be quieter in the near future, as United Airlines seeks to silence hungry travelers’ rumbling stomachs with new free food options it’s offering in the economy cabin. [More]

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Study: American Travelers Are More Frugal On Short Flights

We all know what it’s like to get hungry on a trip or need a bit of extra space, but a new study says travelers are less likely to dip into their wallets on short flights, and would rather spend on airline food, drinks, and roomier seats if we’ll be in the air longer. [More]

Five Buddy's Kitchen produced breakfast meals, such as the one shown above, have been recalled for possible listeria contamination.

More Than 60,000 Pounds Of Breakfast Meals Shipped To Retailers And Airlines Recalled For Listeria Contamination

Waking up in the morning to a helping of Swiss cheese and mushroom omelet with seasoned tid-bit potatoes and turkey buffet sausage links might sound pretty appetizing. But you want to know what doesn’t sound inviting? Finding out that said breakfast might contain listeria.


Unhappy Vegetarian Hurls Tray Of Food At Continental Crew

Unhappy Vegetarian Hurls Tray Of Food At Continental Crew

A vegetarian woman aboard a Continental flight from the Dominican Republic to Newark, NJ, was apparently none too pleased when she received a non-vegetarian meal. But rather than file a complaint with the airline, she reportedly opted for the less formal hurl-your-tray-at-the-flight-attendant tactic.


Ryanair Passenger: I Was Detained For Complaining About Food

Ryanair Passenger: I Was Detained For Complaining About Food

Ryanair, the discount airline known for its dirt cheap prices, headline-making PR stunts and occasionally outrageous ideas for what passengers should pay fees for, is defending itself against allegations from a passenger who says he was detained by police at a Norwegian airport because he’d been vocally displeased with his on-board food service.


Airline Food Might Not Only Taste Bad, It Might Make You Sick

Airline Food Might Not Only Taste Bad, It Might Make You Sick

Maybe it’s a good thing that more and more airlines are charging to chow down on their mediocre meals. FDA reports uncovered by USA Today reveals the unappetizing conditions at some of the kitchens that prepare the overpriced grub.


US Airways Will Serve You A Cup Of Ramen For Only $3

US Airways Will Serve You A Cup Of Ramen For Only $3

US Airways recently debuted a new snack menu for their coach passengers, and it’s posted online.. It’s not that it’s bad, or even unreasonable. It just makes the snacks at the airport gift shop look like a discount grocery by comparison.

Build Your Dream Airline

Build Your Dream Airline

The USA Today tossed three travel experts in a room and asked them to describe their dream airline. An airline that restores the grandeur of flight by focusing on passenger value and convenience. Pay attention airlines, and consider giving us the following: