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NYC Commission: Apartment Building’s Policy Barring Lower-Paying Tenants From Gym May Be Discriminatory

Rent-regulated tenants living in an apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side have complained that its policy of only allowing market-rate tenants — who pay higher rents — to use the on-premises gym. The practice of keeping out those rent-stabilized tenants, who are mostly over 65, may constitute age discrimination, according to New York City Commission on Human Rights. [More]

DSW Will Pay $900,000 Former Workers To Settle Age Discrimination Lawsuit

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Shoe retailer DSW is on the line for $900,000 after agreeing to settle an age discrimination lawsuit brought by former employees, who said the company fired older workers just because of their ages. And if other employees refused to fire workers based on their age, the plaintiffs claimed DWS retaliated against them as well. [More]


Faygo Founder’s Grandson Claims Soda Company Fired Him Because Of His Age

It’s not all in the family anymore at Detroit’s Faygo soda company, which has been in business for more than 100 years: One of the founders’ grandsons says he was fired from his job as director of marketing at the bottling plant, because at 68 he was over the hill. He’s claiming in a lawsuit that Fagyo discriminated against him because of his age. [More]

Kmart Settles Age Discrimination Suit For $120K

Kmart Settles Age Discrimination Suit For $120K

Kmart has agreed to a $120,000 settlement in an age discrimination lawsuit filed by a former employee at one of their stores in Hawaii. [More]

Toys"R"Us: You Are Too Young For A Grandparent's Discount

Toys"R"Us: You Are Too Young For A Grandparent's Discount

“It’s discriminatory,” Peters said. “How do you put an age on a grandparent or a mother or a father, for that matter?”