How About Those Super Bowl Ads!

How About Those Super Bowl Ads!

Last night’s commercials were a tame batch of disappointment. Everybody wanted cutesy animals—squirrels, horses, ponies, pigeons, crickets, dogs, lions, and lizards—to endorse their products. After the jump, the four spots that caught our eye.

Super Bowl Ads Are Designed To Fuel Mindless Buying

Super Bowl Ads Are Designed To Fuel Mindless Buying

Companies are paying $90,000 per second tonight to get their products before our recession-fearing eyes, and they plan to get their money’s worth. Tonight’s advertisers will use an array of tactics designed with one purpose: motivating us to buy their products.

Disturbing Cheese Ads With Luis Guzmán And His Fellow "Cheddar Hunks"

Okay, we’re just going to say it: calling men of a certain age “cheddar hunks” just sounds like they all smell like stinky feet. That’s a table I want to stay far, far away from. Nevertheless, Cabot Cheese of Vermont has launched a new television campaign featuring Guzmán and his Stinky-Feet-Friends sitting around drinking beer and eating cheese. It’s weird. And though we have always liked Cabot Cheese, now it’s going to be hard not to think of middle-aged toes (and werewolves) whenever we go cheddar shopping. Urg.

UPDATE: Circuit City Apologizes For Not Honoring Call Of Duty Advertisement

UPDATE: Circuit City Apologizes For Not Honoring Call Of Duty Advertisement

Adam writes us to say that Circuit City has apologized for not honoring their advertisement and have offered to compensate him with both games for free. Subpoenaed By Circuit City Subpoenaed By Circuit City

According to Consumerist’s sister-site Kotaku, has been sued subpoenaed by Circuit City over some leaked advertisements posted to their forum.

Chili's Awesome Blossom Menu Picture Vs Reality

Chili's Awesome Blossom Menu Picture Vs Reality

The Chili’s in Tuscaloosa, AL served Mike an “Awesome Blossom” that looks like it was run over by a truck. Mike didn’t complain to his waiter or the manager, but he did write to us:

US Air Tray Ads Annoy

US Air Tray Ads Annoy

US Air has boasted ads on seatback tray tables for many months now, but they still have the power to irk some customers, as reader Cameron writes:

I took these photos on my return flight from New Orleans this past Sunday. It appears that, in order to bolster revenues, US Air has turned to placing advertisements on the top surfaces of your seat back tray. Not only that, but they are “self-aware”, sporting beverage spill graphics and touting the safety of Ford SUVs. I was settling into my seat and was going to lower my tray to hold my book and iPod when I was confronted by this – I must say this should be stopped and I’ve already contacted US Air complaint line.

Visa Tap-N-Go Ads Piss Us Off

We loathe these Visa commercials. They show commerce going along like clockwork. People paying with their tap-and-go Visa card. Getting their donuts. Until one guy pay with cash. Everything screeches to a halt. He gets looks from the cashier and other customers.

Top 10 Worst Marketing Gaffes, Flops, and Disasters

Top 10 Worst Marketing Gaffes, Flops, and Disasters

The Consumerist’s guide to the top 10 worst gaffes, flops, and disasters in the history of American marketing and advertising.

David LaChapelle’s Boots Commercial

Yes, Virginia, there is a true meaning to Christma: looking ab-fab. — BEN POPKEN

Red Cross Wants You To Open Your Veins In The Supermarket

Red Cross Wants You To Open Your Veins In The Supermarket

Sinus Blaster Pepper Spray Makes You Say Fuck

The first ad featuring rank, unbleeped obscenity has aired on the Sirius network. The product? Appropriately enough, a nasal inhalant featuring capsaicin called Sinus Blaster.

Don ‘t Lick This Poster

Don ‘t Lick This Poster

Consumer affairs is a subject with enough maniacs and skeletons-in-closets that this site really celebrates Halloween all year round. But we’re going to make at least a token effort to get ghastlier as it gets closer to Halloween.

Great Moments in Advertising: Sure Men Deodorant

Great Moments in Advertising: Sure Men Deodorant

Portapotties Get Branded

Portapotties Get Branded

Everyones Likes Spinach In Their Omelettes!

Everyones Likes Spinach In Their Omelettes!

Watching Stupid People on TV Really Does Make You Stupid

Watching Stupid People on TV Really Does Make You Stupid

There’s a guy on my street who has the phrase “Kill Your Television” painted on his car. Someone please tell him that televisions are not living, breathing things, and that they can’t be killed. And that painting your car with that message is a bit over the top, and rather pretentious.

David Lynch’s Parisienne Cigarettes Ad

A cigarette ad for Parisienne by David Lynch. “Parisienne People,” the ad campaign claims. In this case, Parisienne People are apparently nightmarish, slow-motion ghouls who drink muddy water from the ground and can make thousands of sausages fly into the air. Now that makes me want a nice, mild smoke.