Adidas, Kanye West Planning To Open Stores Dedicated To Yeezy Products

Rumors that musician/shoe designer/famous person Kanye West would release his next line of Yeezy footwear without partner Adidas have proved to be wrong, and then some: West and Adidas have instead announced an expanded partnership, including retail locations that will be dedicated solely to the Yeezy product line. [More]

Naomi Campbell Shills For Adidas, Fails At Social Media

Naomi Campbell Shills For Adidas, Fails At Social Media

While we don’t accept advertising, we have no problems with celebrities who sell out. Yet we got some extra insight into how sponsored Instagram posts by celebrities happen as model and actress Naomi Campbell, or someone working for her, just slapped the whole e-mail from a brand representative in the caption field on Instagram. [More]


Adidas Misspells “Colombia” In Soccer Ads, Gets Sent Back To 3rd Grade Geography

Someone at Adidas must have been snoozing during the South American geography lesson in elementary school, because how else could you explain the company splashing “Columbia” all over ads featuring the Colombian soccer team? [More]


Would You Pay $600 A Year For Adidas Workout Gear?

Because sometimes shoppers don’t feel like making decisions or leaving home, subscription box services have become a popular way to get regular deliveries of beauty samples, personal grooming products, and clothing. Jumping on the subscription box bandwagon recently is Adidas, which hopes customers will feel like forking out $600 a year for workout clothing, shoes, and other gear. [More]

LEFT: Adidas' Stan Smith RIGHT: Skechers' Onix

Adidas Lawsuit Claims Skechers Ripped Off Its Popular “Stan Smith” Shoe Design

Adidas is suing fellow shoe peddlers Skechers, claiming in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday that Skechers’ “Onix” sneaker rips off the design of its “Stan Smith” shoe. [More]


Adidas Group Pays $240 Million To Download Runtastic Forever

Earlier this year, fitness gear maker Under Armour bought fitness-tracking apps MyFitnessPal and Endomodo for a total of $560 million. Now Adidas has decided to keep up with its competitor by downloading its own set of fitness apps, buying the eighteen apps in the Runtastic family for about $240 million. [More]

John Oliver Pledges To Eat McDonald’s, Drink Budweiser If They Use Sponsorship Power To Change FIFA

John Oliver Pledges To Eat McDonald’s, Drink Budweiser If They Use Sponsorship Power To Change FIFA

Last week, the soccer world was rocked when numerous current and former FIFA officials were arrested and charged with accepting illegal kickbacks and bribes. Only days later, FIFA President Sepp Blatter, under whose oversight these alleged crimes have occurred for nearly two decades, was reelected. That’s why John Oliver has called on FIFA’s high-profile sponsors to use their financial leverage to effect some change in the most powerful soccer organization in the world. [More]


Dick’s Sporting Goods: Relax, There Will Still Be Plenty Of Adidas Stuff On Shelves

Yesterday we heard that Dick’s Sporting Goods stores would be ditching some Adidas and Rebook merchandise in order to make room for the chain’s new women’s workout line Calia, with Carrie Underwood as the face of the brand. And now the company is reassuring customers who were apparently worried this meant the store would be dropping the other brands completely.


Dick's Sporting Goods wants you to show people your armpits just like Carrie.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Ditching Some Adidas Merchandise In Favor Of New Celebrity Line

The Adidas section at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods stores might seem a bit smaller soon, as the company has decided to hitch its apple wagon to a celebrity star and turn the spotlight on its new line of women’s workout gear.


(End Clothing)

You Can Now Buy Pre-Muddied Sneakers For Only $215

Because we all know the inconvenience of having too much money and not enough stuff to spend it on, you can now kill two birds with one stone: Never worry about getting your spanking white shoes dirty by buying pre-muddied kicks for the bargain price of $215. Saves you time and stress over the inevitable, and provides a way to dispose of that extra income. [More]

Adidas Drops World Cup T-Shirts After Host Country Brazil Deems Them Too Sexy

Adidas Drops World Cup T-Shirts After Host Country Brazil Deems Them Too Sexy

The country that put thong bikinis on the map would rather not put out the wrong message about its citizens during the 2014 World Cup. Brazil has nixed two graphic T-shirts from Adidas for being too suggestive, saying the country doesn’t want to promote sexual exploitation. [More]

Adidas: Sorry For Making A Shackled Sneaker That Brings Slavery To Mind

Adidas: Sorry For Making A Shackled Sneaker That Brings Slavery To Mind

At first glance, Adidas’ new purple, gray and white sneakers with a bright orange plastic leg shackle might prompt thoughts of “Shew, boy! That is one ugly shoe,” or “Who would want to wear that?” However, once the stronger reactions of “It’s reminiscent of slavery” started rolling into a controversy ball on Twitter, including a call for a boycott, Adidas has announced it’s pulling the shoe.


Adidas Ships My Package To A Bar Instead Of My House & Expects Me To Be Okay With That

Adidas Ships My Package To A Bar Instead Of My House & Expects Me To Be Okay With That

We’ve got to hand it to our reader Christopher — although he’s unemployed and says he spends his time filling out job applications, he’s got a pretty good sense of humor when it comes to the misadventures of his merchandise. In this case, it seems Adidas decided a delivered package means the job is done, no matter who it’s gone to.


Happy Endings: Adidas Upgrades Your Tragically Leaky Backpack

Happy Endings: Adidas Upgrades Your Tragically Leaky Backpack

Here’s a nice story from reader Aaron. His Adidas backpack soaked up a ton of water and ruined his books and papers, so he complained to Adidas. They referred him to their backpack manufacturer, and they replaced the backpack with a better one for free.

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  • Woot: Reebok Precision Trainer XT Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap for $19.99
  • Circuit City: California Only – all items tax-free Aug 9-10
  • Commerce Bank: Kids can earn $10 by reading ten books

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Buy.com: Seagate 500GB USB 2.0 Drive $89 Shipped
  • B&H Photo: Sharp 1024×768 DLP Multimedia Projector $519 Shipped
  • Shop Adidas: Back to School Sale: Save 20% off Apparel & Shoes

Highlights From Bargainist

The Adicolors of the Rainbow

The first two minutes are a touch slow but then the panda and the fish start playing russian roulette.

Larry Loves Adidas

Larry Loves Adidas

Larry (right, with his “homegirl”) loves Adidas.

eBay UK Weighed Down by Scammers

eBay UK is getting fraudier, reports the BBC. Crooks aren’t using just the standard, in-system scam, either—selling something they don’t have—but are instead hijacking high-scoring accounts, so better to lure in those who really want to buy a used hot tub.

Adidas told the BBC that it monitored up to 12,000 auctions involving its goods every day on the British site – yet it estimated that up to 40% of all Adidas products available were counterfeit.

It’s an online auction site—there are going to be some scams. Forty percent, however, is somewhat amazing. And if we can’t trust customer ratings, then what does eBay offer that Craigslist does not?